Chapter 1 - Souls for Smuggler's Shiv

Sessiion 16
Shark Lagoon

15th of Erastus

The following takes place between 9am and 4pm on

  • After a late breakfast, the group sets off to find a fresh water source to replenish their their supplies. As they follow the rocky western shore they come accross a large lagoon with of crystal clear water and a plethora of reefs and two shipwrecks (one submerged, one not). As they begin idly looking for pretty shells along the beach front, they spy the battered form of Kurwol washing up on shore.
  • A quick examination reveals him to possess a nasty shark bite, and after Jensen Heals him he eventually comes too and warns them that the remaining Sahuagan raiders have taken up shop in ‘Shark Lagoon’. Partially out of revenge and partially out of lust for adventure, the group decides to raid the submerged wreck and prevent the Sahuagan from estabilishing a beachhead this far into civilised waters.
  • The group make their way along a reef at low tide, then each drinks a portion of their potion of water breathing. They then tie themselves to the anchor feather token and summon it, dragging the group to the depths of the lagoon where they find it easier to walk accross the bottom than swim.
  • As they Approach the Alma’s ruin, Tavar stands on a small urchin. Injuring his foot and creating a trace of blood in the water, alerting the reef sharks that the Sahuagan use as guard dogs. After they drag the anchor halfway to the ship, they are attacked out of the blue by the Sahuagan sentries and their pets. Despite their blood frenzy and terrain advantage, the group is able to pull together and bring down the monsters.
  • It takes most of the duration of the potion they drank to reach and explore the flooded ship. But eventually they find ther way to an air pocket in the rear of the hold. Here however, lairs the Sahuagan leader who had been waiting a long time for a decent fight.
  • Despite his use of a powerful Mwangi artifact, ‘The Blood Spear’, the group eventually fell Carcaro in what is their most desperate battle yet. Oscar fled to his homeplane to recover, while as Jensen and Malachios barely survived with impressive scars to show for it.
  • Bhunabhaji however was not so lucky, having had his throat ripped out by the feirce Sahuagan warriors powerful jaw. After retrieving the artifact, the group used to magical buoyancy effect of the potion of water walking to surface. Bringing the body of their fallen comrade with them.
    He was taken from them suddenly and cruelly, before they ever truly knew him. Not knowing his burial customs, they decided to burn his corpse so that at least his mortal form would not be coopted by the forces of undeath running rampant of the island.
  • However an even greater tragedy is looming overhead, as to the south they notice for the first time a great column of smoke. And rememebered how it had factored into Pezocks and Bhunabhaji’s stories of their being attacked by savages. Of in the distance, a storms is brewing…
Session 15
The Abomination

14th of Erastus

The following took place place between 3pm and 12pm on the 14th day.

  • After taking a short break, noone is particularly hungry so they press on through the alien terrain. Eventually they come to the small cove in which a mold coated ship now rests. Thick tendrils of fungus formed bridges over the blackish water to ship itself and look to the observer almost like tether ropes or gangplanks.
  • As they begin to cross, a lone vegepygmy sentry spots them and begins hurling javelins at them. In the rush and confusion, malachios and Jensen fall into the grunge infested water. One of whom quickly swims to safety, the other flounders about. Eventually the rest of the group reaches the main deck they take down the sentry but not before it triggers another violet shrieker alarm.
  • After gathering there strength the group descends into what remains of the crew quarters and confront an oversized Vegepygmy and his remaining cronies. During the fight, Kren refrains from incendaries but the combination of Jensens new sorcerous abilities and Malachios’s sword win the day.
  • In one of the larger cabins, the group finds a mold encrusted ledger but cannot decipher much beyond the pathfinder society symbol on the cover. They decide to bring it to Gelik for translation. Who later reveals that this did indeed belong once the lost pathfinder vessel, the Nightvoice.
  • When the group examine the hold for the source of the fungus infection. They find the ‘birth corpses’ of the vegepygmies laid out in a perverse form of ancestor worship. Next to this is a cultivated garden of Fungus which seems to depict the small island, with a dust coated ship model showing where the nightvoice got marrooned. The fungal cultivation gets thicker and more varied around a large purple painted rock brought from the island. Overlooking this diorama is a carving of an angelic figure taken from the prow of the ship, its features marred by aggressive fungal growth.
  • As the group examine the hold for further evidence and loot, one of the larger carpets begins to move. Forcing Mal to slatter the giant slime mold against the hull, but only after being infested with horrid fungal rot on his arms from the splatter.
  • After figuring out that the diorama attaches some sort of religious significance to the rock to the north, the group set off in that direction. After using a combination of the remaining rum and Krens bombs to set the infected wreck alight.
  • As they approach the northern rock, the variety and density of the fungal forest increase. Everywhere in the strange ecosystem the stalk trees grow bigger and the cap bushes grow wider near veins of a strange purple fungus that become more and more common as they approached the north shore.
  • Seeing their approach to the rock to be cover in purple veins, they watch their step. But where they walk the tendrils shiver and for the entire climb they feel the presence of a malign awareness. As they reach the summit; they find strange offerings of bones, shells and human teeth that were left by the Vegepygmies. Perhaps believing the source of the infestation to be some sort of god figure.
  • After peeling back the thin skein over a hollowed out opening, the castaways are met by the horrible sight of what was once a man. Fused with a strange and otherworldy infestation that seemed to have used his mind and body as the base for a form of nervous system. As the battle is joined, the creature pulled itself free of the wall and lashed out with its unholy tendrils. Oscars material form had its flesh melted away at its touch, forcing the others to use ranged attacks to bring it low. Though at first it seemed to resist the flames, the ferocity of the groups coordinated strike eventually took it down.
  • Upon the destruction of the Abomination, Bhunabhaji confirmed that the islands ecosystem would now eventually return to the island. As they made there way back to the south shore, they had to take great care as the forest of fungus died and collapsedaround them. Bereft of the source of their unnattural heritage, the land of rot fell apart. Unable to sustain itself naturally on this plane. To Krens Chagrin, this also extended to the samples he had taken, many of which belonging to strange species never seen before.
  • As they waited for low tide to come again, they watched and listened as the ecosystem collapsed into grey slime all around them. When they reached shore and made camp, they felt proud to have rid the world of an invading infestation. But they did not eat, and took great pains to wash themselves the following morning.
Session 14
Silent Island

14th of Erastus

The following took place between 9am and 3pm on the fourteenth day.

  • Pezock arrives at the camp first thing, bringing a breakfast of island sushi.
    He asks that the castaways do him a favor and scare away the ‘Cawroars’ (Rhamphorynchus) roosting on his old ship and retrieving his spyglass for him.
  • As they travel to the NE corner of the Shiv they see the place Aycenia calls ‘Silent island’. For the trees and beasts there are dead, despite the unnatural things growing there.
  • They press on and find where Pezocks ship ran aground nearly 7 years ago. Kren scares the fanged birds away with one of his bombs and the ground locates Pezocks old cabin. Tho Bhunabhaji gets grazed by a crossbow trap Pezock forgot about, they retrieve the spyglass and return to Pezock who lets them keep one of his potions in payment.
  • They examining Silent island using Pezocks spyglass and see that the barren rocks and old dead trunks has been overrun with a carpet of grey fungus, whose uncapped stalks reach towards the sky like a strange facsimile of the forest that came before. At midday, the lower tide reveals a land bridge of seaweed covered rocks.
  • As the group make the crossing they encounter a diseased crab that had recently eaten something very bad for it. Kren bombs it, but the resulting splatter smells foul and is interdispersed with tendrils of pale fungus. The closer the group gets to the island, the worse the smell seems to get.
  • When they reach the island iself, it at first seems abandoned. Though the forest of fungus makes it hard to tell. Kren has a field day and begins takes new samples right left and centre. Unfortunately one of the ones he prods with his knife was a shrieking fungus, alerting the islands habitants with an inaudible high pitched scream (that annoyed oscar no end).
  • The group decides to look for high group, and upon finding it. Spied a great fungus coated rock to the north and a wreck to the east. Deciding to try and clear the infestation at the source, the group heads to the wreck. Along they way they begin hearing clicking and tapping sounds all around them.
  • Despite their tracking capabilites, a large band of Vegepygmies manage to get the drop on the party. The ensuing battle is short but feirce. As despite their strange anatomies, they are no real threat to the group. After studying the discoloration of these so called ‘green men’, Kren finds that they are actually an atypical pale colour and have attempted to cultivate green mass on their bodies to try and conform to some deep held racial identity.
Session 13
The Ghost and the Tengu

12th -13th of Erastus

The following took place between 1-30am on the twelth day and 10pm on the thirteenth day.

  • During the night, the Ghost of Captain Kinkarian returned. This time bringing with him a crew of drowned seamen comprising of those who’s ships the Castaways had looted after their demise. The undead animated the waterlogged and sea creature colonized bones of scattered along the shores to attack the castaways camp with rusted weapons and undead rage.
  • After Gelik fled in fear, the rest stood their group. Jask and Jensen cutting swathes through Kinkarians crew whilst Tavar and Kren searched his chest for Kinkarians stolen locket.

After being struck twice by lightning, Malachios had unlocked his elemental heritage. Granting him the power to infuse his weapon with magick and lightning, which he used to beat but Kinkarians ghost into the surf. THIS SECTION HAS BEEN RETCONNED DUE TO STUPIDITY

  • After driving back Kinkarians ghost using his PLOTHOLE fearsome blade, the captain reformed in the surf and made for Kren in a pained rage. Upon opening the clasp and revealing to him, the image of his long lost love quieted his spirit and he was finally able to fulfil his dying wish of seeing her one last time. After calling off his assault, Kinkarian made a request of the castaways to tell those left before the fate of all who had been lost to the Shiv.
  • Upon bringing Kinkarian to his final resting place. The group feels a surge of strength at their accompolishments. Having learnt a great deal from their ordeal.
  • After a long deserved lie in, the group was approached by Bhunabhaji who had spent the previous two days stocking up the camps food supply and putting some aside for another scouting mission. He reveals his vision of the island spirit, tells of her quest and passes on her warning that there was another evil that came to the island with the castaways. The group decide to help him with his goal, and scope out the western shore while they are at it.
  • After spending a day resting and gathering supplies. The group sets out at first light to cross the shores of Crab cove. A journey that takes them over a day, and had them cross paths with many of the Giant Crustaceans that Bhunabhaki had warned them about.
  • In the later part of the afternoon they come accross another abandoned camp which showed signs of a struggle years ago. In the center of the desolate camp they find the ashes of an old signal fire containing the warped and rusted forms of weapons and armor. A cursory search of one of the buildings reveals a discarded dagger under a pile of sand and dust. It is curved and bloodstained, possessing the heraldry of two bloodied and crossed mantis claws. Malachios recognizes this as the same as Sasha’s tattoo, which the group realize is the symbol of the red mantis Assassins guild.
  • Continuing along the shore, despite the discovery of another game trail. The group comes accross a strange site shortly before nightfall. At first it appears to be just another giant crab to avoid, but the strange cries coming from its shell attract the curiosity of the group. Despite its warning gestures and cacophany of animal cries, Bhunabhaji approaches and is knocked down by a hefty claw for his troubles.
  • After some fast talking, the true denizen of this ‘Crab’ reveals himself and apologizes. This paranoid and strangely dressed bird man identifies himself as a fellow castaway and enjoys some long anticipated conversation from ‘normal people’. Though he is accomodating, he refuses to let the castaways make camp near his house and the group backtracks in the falling light to the abandoned camp he tells them is ‘safe’.
Session 12
A business opportunity

10th-11th of Erastus

The following took place between 10am on the tenth day and 6pm on the eleventh day.

  • Upon their return, the previous night. Ishirou approached Jensen with a business proposition. He revealed that he had in his possession the other half of the map he had donated, and that revealed it to contain the location of the lost treasure of Lorch Quellig’s. Jensen suggested they bring those they trusted the most: Malachios, Kren and Tavar. And agreed to keep the treasure secret from the rest of the group.
  • Early on the 10th day, the group gathered supplies and shovels and headed off along the east coast. Following the route they had scouted out a few days previous.
  • After reaching the abandoned camp they’d stayed at previously, the group headed inland. Heading to the highest point on the north east tip of the island. On the way they encountered a hungry shiv dragon, but they were quickly able to dispatch it with Ishirou’s skilled bladearm.
  • Upon reaching the hilltop, the castaways followed Ishirou’s instructions and they made camp. Keeping the fire burning low so as not to be spotted. During Kren and Tavars watched, a great winged beast flew over head and dropped a blood drained goat into the heart of the campsite. Waking all. Kren determined this to be some form of territorial display and few if anyone got much sleep that night.
  • In the dawns light they use Ishirou’s instructions to locate the buried treasure and begin digging. Shortly before midday then uncover a Dwarf skeleton, with a crossbow bolt in its back.
  • In their eagerness to hit paydirt, the group continue digging in shifts throughout the midday heat until they eventually hit a wooden platform. Which Malachios foolishly attempt to break through, only for the platform to collapse and sending Jensen and Yaseen falling into the gloom of a hollowed out pit.
  • At the bottom they land in a deep murky pit of collected rain water and flounder around for a few moments whilst they attempt get their bearings. As their allies looked on from above, Jensen watched with horror as malachios was pulled under the murky water by powerful and bony hands.
  • As those above fumbled with the rope, another such creature emerged from the depths and bit into Jensens neck. Paralyzing him with fear and leaving him face down in the putrid water. Kren and Oscar jumped down to fend off the creature, but the struggle was a desperate one without solid footing. After finally getting a solid hit, Kren pulled his unconsious ally to the rope where Tavar and Ishirou lifted him out and revived him with a handy potion.
  • Meanwhile, malachios manages to overcome the Lacedon that dragged him into the water and impales it through the eye socket with a climbing spike from his belt kit. Whilst trying to swim to the surface he comes accross a hidden air pocket, and later comes back with a rope and an active light spell to locate an old treasure chest hidden in this pocket.
  • With some effort, the group effentually retrieve their treasure and spend the best part of the remaining daylight transporting it back to camp. On the outskirts of camp they divvy up shares and bury it to keep it secret. Returning late into the evening.
  • Bhunabhaji, who’s on watch at the time welcomes them and Malachios who is yet to become fatigued shares the last of the Mwangi coffee with him. Bhunabhaji notes that:
    “The Spirits are restless this night…”
Session 11
Mapping the Shores

7th-9th of Erasmus

The following took place between 3:15pm on the seventh day and 10pm on the ninth day.

  • After travelling late into the afternoon, the group rounds a beach on the western shore. They see now see the mountain they had previously seen only in the distance overlooking a cliff lined inlet.
  • Less than an hour later the group comes accross a long abandoned campsite consisting of two weather beaten huts made from driftwood. After searching the site they find no signs that anyone has lived there in years, but they do find the overgrown remains of a path leading into the jungle. In one of the collapsed huts the group finds a large inverted pentagram carved into one wall with several human teeth hammered into the wood in its center.
  • Choosing the abandoned campsite to set up krens large tent, the group decides to make camp for the night in this spot when an alluring song came to them from over the waves. This captivating voice caused the group to begin to swim entranced towards the nearby wreck. Upon realizing they were in danger of drowning, malachios and tavar snapped out of it and managed to save two of their companions from drowning themelves. Oscar and Bhunabhaji, whilst still entranced, managed to swim to the wreck and are captured by their musical foe.
  • After getting their wits about them, the group recognized the call of a Harpy. When it became apparent that the remaining castaways had become immune to her charms, the harpy flew at them in a rage only to driven off with a barrage of fire bombs, crossbow bolts and ships wheels (?!). After drinking an elixer of swimming, Malachios pursued the injured Harpy to her nest and landed a solid blow when she was distracted by an eagle summoned by Tavar. After freeing his companion, the group set up watch and settled down for the night.
  • During the night the waves entering the inlet seeing to glow with more swirling green patterns than those of the north west shore. At one point, Tavar heard the sounds of heavy wings pass over.
  • After breaking camp, the group decided to head inland on their second day of exploration. Deciding to follow the remains of the overgrown trail they found near the abandoned camp, they set off into the jungle. Along he way the group spied the mangled corpse of a feral goat caught in the tree canopy. After retrieving it, Krens examination revaled to have been drained of blood from three unusual fang marks. Disturbed by this development, the group pressed on.
  • Whilst travelling along, a trip wire is triggered and Oscar is hit with an sharp edged log that was part of an old trap. Finding this evidence, the castaways wonder who left such a trap and why callibrate it for such a large creatures weight.
  • Shortly after encountering the trap, the group reaches a fork in the road. They choose the north facing fork and make their way to another abandoned camp built from driftwood. One of which being made from a lifeboat of the wreck of the bloody doll. Inside this camp they find a fully grown Yellow musk Sproutling staring mournefully out to see and quickly fell it.
  • Here they rest for the night, and again see strange glowing patterns in the ocean and hear unnerving cries in the night. A bored Tavar finds a hidden Rumrunner cache on the outskirts of the camp, with several full bottles of aged rum for the taking.
  • Their food stores depleted, the group decides to head back to base camp. In the Jungle near the abandoned camp they come accross the central root nodule of the Yellow musk creeper they had been fighting the minions of. During the clash with its remaining zombies, the plant creature used its hypnotic pollen to lure Jensen to within reach of its tendrils.
  • After freeing Jensen, the group used their newfound stash of rum and alchemical tinderwigs to incinerate the creature once and for all.
  • They returned to camp in the early evening to be treated to a evening meal caught and cooked by Jask and the thanks of Aeys, who was now through the worst of her withdrawl symptoms. Aerys entertained the group by sharing with them the draft of her poetry epic: ‘the Abenengo Cantos’.
Session 10
Anenomae Territory

6th-7th of Erastus

The following took place betweeb 4:30 pm on the sixth day and 3pm on the seventh day.

  • After gathering the Viper nettle berries they had set out for, the group decided to return to camp and shrug off the lingering effects of malaria. Along the way they spied more and more simian eyes watching them from vantage points in the tree canopy. Unaware of their danger, these monkeys were scouting out the party for an ambush.
  • After the main group slaughtered it’s troop, a certain monkey swore his revenge. After travelling the island and telling other troops of the group, this angry monkey managed to gather an army of like-minded apes to enact his vengeance against our adventurers.
  • During the confrontation the swarming monkeys, Tavar used a spell to daze it’s ringleader and ordered Oscar to impale the angry simian. With a combination of Malachios’s sword work and Kren’s explosives the frenzied troop were driven off. The remains of the slain monkeys were nailed to trees as a warning to other creatures.
    These actions did not go unnoticed
  • When they returned to the camp they found Aerys alone on the edge of the cove, drinking one of the fine bottles of brandy they recovered from the The Golden Bow. It is revealed that she has been sweet talking Ishirou into bypassing the lock on Kren’s chest.
  • After defeating her in a game of Liar dice, the group managed to convince her to willingly give up her ‘medicine’ and try and go clean. They encourage her to pursue her goals and ask Jask to oversee her treatment with the Viper nettle berries.
  • Later that evening, the group decides to explore their immediate surroundings. Their new campsite is near fresh water and many animals that live close to it. Deciding that staying here for a few days to gather food/water whilst a small group searches of the rumoured abandoned lighthouse. The group decides to trust Bhunabhaji and bring him along.
  • Early the next day, the group packs rations and sets off to follow the shoreline to the south. Jask casts a full complement of spells to help the group travel through the midday heat and they explore the islands north west shore.
  • Just past midday, the group hears the contented humming of a strange fish man whilst passing near a reef. Nearby they spot the submerged wreck of The Scallywag, near which they see Kurwol feeding his pet Moray eel. Whilst initially wary of the newcomers, the curious creature swims up to the group and greets them in garbled polyglot.
  • After realizes they are not hostile like the ‘other ones’ that regularly try and eat him. After trading with the eccentric merchant, he wonders if they could help him in his scavenging of the varios wrecks on the island. He mentions one wreck to the south thats only entrance is guarded by giant sea urchins, one to the north west on ‘fungus island’ and several to the west in a lagoon guarded by ‘shark men’. If the group finds anything worth trading on these wrecks he says to come see him.
  • After meeting the second non-psychotic island denizen, the group is feeling helpful. When they later walk by The Windwar as the tides begin to turn, they decide to explore the wreck. Finding the wrecks entrance guarded by Giant Urchin’s, they exploited their ranged weapons to take the creatures out safely and proceeded to explore the partially submerged wreck.
  • Inside they find the remains of a strange assortment of animal and plant samples taken from around the expanse. Whilst exploring the hold, Bhunabhaji is ambushed by a Octopus which turns out to be poisenous when bitten by Oscar. Inside the hold they find several large cages containing bone picked skeletons. One cage however had its bars prized apart by a creature possessing inhuman strenth, the sign attatched to the cage door read ‘Biggles’. After waiting for the last of the midday heat to subside, the group prepared to continue their journey.
Session 9
Search for a cure

6th of Erastus

The following took place between the hours of 1:35am and 4pm.

  • During the night, the camp is attacked by the angry Ghost of Avret Kinkarian. The powerful spirit went after Malachios and Kren in particular, passing through steel and sand like it was water to attack these ‘thieves’. Resistant to Jensens positive energy channeling, the oracle resorting to using the captains own magickal dagger against him to drive him off. When later they were asked what the ghost meant by ‘give it back’, the group took out the golden locket but found that they could no longer prize it open.
  • Upon reading Avret Kinkarian’s journal, they gift Jask with proof of his innocence. Jask vows that this act of friendship, he will repay his debt to the group many times over. Jask took possession of this evidence to study it.
  • Upon consulting with Jask on how best to motivate the camp. Jask suggests putting Gelik to work identifying and valuing the groups salvage, as a way of keeping the easily frightened halflings mind off their predicament. Unsure of how to proceed with Ishirou due to his isolationist stance; the matter is taken out of their hands when Malachios befriends the old sea dog with talk of Sailing, strange food and comparative swordsmanship. Jask says that he does not yet trust Bhunabhaji, who has left alone to take care of the camps hunting duties.
  • Jask warns of Aerys’s disruptive influence on the group. Her frequent arguments with the other castaways and unreliability being a constant source of friction. The whole group have noticed her problem with alcoholism, and Jask suggests that if they were to help them with this then she would be much more productive. Jask suggests attempting to find a Viper Nettle plant, that lives near river banks in the expanse. He described the effects of its berries on disease and it’s use as a folk remedy for alcohol poisening. Kren confirms this with knowledge of a paper he’d read on Viper Nettle berry extract on promoting liver function.
  • And so the group sets off after Jask blesses them with a spell to ward off the heat. As they follow the river up a nearby incline they occassionally see glimpses of a monkey pointing at them with an accusatory finger and a malevolent grimace.
  • Just prior to midday them come accros Bhunabhaji as he fled from an angry boar sow. After locating the wallow of a small wild boar family, he had attempted to claim one of the piglets but was discovered by the mother. After saving him from the relentless creature, Bhunabhaji thanks them and carried the singed corpse back to the camp.
  • After spending a few more hours on the search, the group manages to locate a dense thicket of viper nettles. Remembering Jask’s warning of the poisonous thorns, Malachios begins hacking into the thicket with his sharpened greatsword. This pisses off the creatures asleep in the thicket and the group is attacked by two blue black kraits. Several of the group are scratched by the Viper nettle thorns during the sorte, causing painful red rashes on their exposed skin. Despite this, they are able to retrieve several handfuls of the berries.
Session 8
New allies, new enemies

6th of Erastus

The Following took place between 10am and 8pm on the sixth day.

  • Having survived the storm, the castaways set about fixing up their camp and cooking themselves a breakfast. Seeing the smoke, a Garundi man by the name of Bhunabhaji Dansak finds their camp and approaches Malachios when he is gathering firewood. Though many of the castaways are wary of the newcomer, they are willing to hear him out.
  • He explains that he was shipwrecked almost a month ago, on the western shore of the island. He claims to have been looking for other survivors during his exploration of the region he calls ‘crab cove’ but the group sense that he is not being wholly forthcoming with his tale. However the group decides to give him the benefit of the doubt and allows him to lead them to a nearby fresh water source.
  • During their expedition they travel along a riverbed and Tavar is attacked by a boa constrictor. Not to be outdone by the newcomers Boomerangs, Malachios throws his great sword and split the large snake in two.
  • After returning to camp to wait out the days heat. Bhunabhaji tells the group some of the details of his time on the island and the fate of his ship, The Red wake. When asked if there were other survivors, he shook his head remained silent on the subject.
  • Later in the afternoon, Bhunabhaji leads the group to a nearby cove to the south where he had found a wreck the day before. The secluded cove emitted a quiet malevolence that put the ranger off exploring it on his alone.
  • Most of the wreck was too rotten to explore, but the group manage to find the remains of the captains cabin. Inside they found a one armed skeleton reaching towards a locked chest, which contained a number of ledgers that once belonged to Avret Kinkarian. They also found a few other personal items of the late captain, and as Kren picked up and examined each in turn…Jensen heard a hoarse voice cry out ‘Aeshamara!’ from a golden locket was examined.
  • Unnerved and unable to communicate what he can heard to his allies, Jensen began babbling in Celestial. Similarly superstitios, Bhunabhaji requested that they leave before they angered the spirits. Ignoring his companions, Kren opened the locket and examined the picture of a pretty red haired Half-elf. Again, Jensen heard a voice cry out ‘Aeshamara’ and after casting detect undead he felt the presence of a powerful spirit in the room with them.
  • When the oppressive aura of cold malevolence touched began to unnerve the group. Malachios smashed the captains skeleton in a panic and the group fled the wreck despite Krens protestations. Upon leaving the ship they found the sun setting, an occurence that was at odds with their perception of time they had spent on the ship. What had felt like less than an hour had in fact been several.
  • Irritated by his companions lack of nerve, Kren proceeded to use his armaments to demolish the wreck. Attempting to leave nothing for the angry spirit to hold on to. In fact this only served to enrage the Ghost haunting the nearby waters, who followed them back to their camp.
Session 7
Other survivors

5th of Erastus

The following took place between 1:30am and 8pm on the fifth day.

  • Somewhat resentful of being dragged along with his schemes, the castaways nominate Malchios to take watch on their return. The exhausted fighter fails to notice the approach of several Plant zombies, who were seeking the potential hosts who killed their scout. They ambush the group in the night, causing panic as the strange undead fall upon the sleeping castaways. During the fight one of the larger ones hatches a large yellow flowered plant from its chest, but Kren put it down with an explosive bomb.
  • Tired and wary, the castaways break camp and continue on their journey. Making poor headway again due to a lack of sleep and illness. Over the course of the day several of the castaways begin to recover from the fever plaguing them with the help of Kren’s antiplague vials and the Cinchona bark. Others are not so lucky, and they are forced to use some of the groups restoration potions to keep moving. Tavar and Kren are the worst affected, with the later hallucinating yellow flowers growing from the faces of his allies.
  • Sometime in the early evening, they find the cliffs overlooking the sheltered cove that Malachios spotted. Unfortunately they also see indications of a tropical storm approaching from the north, and make all haste to the cove to use the shelter of the cliffs.
  • When they finally reached the cove, they come accross a band of Sahuagan scavenging from the wave battered remains of one of The Jeneviere’s lifeboats. Though they attempted to reason with the Sahuagan, a communication breakdown (via Kren’s ‘present’) led to a pitched battle with the enraged shark men. The overconfident Malachios rushed in and was swiftly defeating by the creatures, leaving the rest of the group to fight them off with numbers and tactics.
  • When searching the cove as they set up shop, they find signs that the good captain and his consort may have survived. With little time to consider what they have found they struggle to set up their shelters before the storm hits. Wiping away the remains of old tracks with torrential rain and feirce waves.

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