Chapter 1 - Souls for Smuggler's Shiv

A Fateful Voyage


Journey to Sargava

The Jeneviere embarked on the Magnimar-Eleder trade route on the 5th day of Calustril, AR 4711. It has spent 104 days at sea and 71 days in ports accross the continents of Garund and Avistan.

Whilst in port the ships captain,Alizandru Kovack, found himself one crewman short and took on a young sword for hire by the name of Malachios Valeros. Whilst in port, the first of the ships cabins was booked by a Varisian scholar by the name of Ieana, with whom the Captain became immediately smitten. The second passenger booked passage on the very day the ship was to set sail, buying passage with a handful of trinkets. This second passenger was a pompous and talkative halfling called Gelik Aberwhinge, whose endless supply of humorous anecdotes kept the dinner conversation lively. At least for the first few weeks.

By the time the Jenevire reached Pezzack, the captain had withdrawn from dining with both of his passengers. Instead he took his meals alone with the reserved Iana, much to the gossip of the crew. In Pezzack they were joined by the eccentric Kren Croford, a young Alchemist seeking to collect samples from the uncharted regions of the Mwangi expanse. Finding himself with someone new to talk to, Gelik began recounting his tales to the new passenger. First Mate Alton Devers took to entertaining the ships passengers at this point, who soon started inviting Malachios to dine with the group just so he had someone a bit more grounded to talk to.

At their next port, they took on another passenger and his special cargo. When the fugitive Jask Derindi was caught in Corentyn, the Sargavan government chartered a spot on the next trade ship to return him to Eleder for trial. The bounty hunter organisation that found him contracted a mysterious wanderer by the name of Jensen Daimond to escort the prisoner, in order to have a fellow spellcaster watch Jask for any tricks he might pull. After confining the prisoner to a free cabin and taking the key to his mannacles into his possession, Captain Kovacks entrusted the care of the prisoner to Alton Devers and his escort. Despite his predicament Jask was always courteous to his captors, seeming to derive great pleasure from conversation with two well travelled gentlemen.

In the weeks that followed, rumours spread rapidly through the tight quarters, some of them rather unlikely.. There were concerned mutterings amoung the crew about the captains attention being distracted by the pretty scholar, speculation that they she was his lover or even the ships secret patron. But when the whinging and gossiping subsided, speculation of the nature of Jask’s crimes were all the rage. Most of these rumours could be traced back to Gelik or the ships cook, Rombar Terillo, who enjoyed a good gossip despite his stoic demeanour.

By the time the Jeneviere reached Mediogalti Island, the passengers were eager for some time on shore. But to their siapointment they did not stay long on the famous tropical island, staying only to trade for supplies and pick up another passenger. Sasha Nevah kept to herself at first, but the other passengers could sense a sadness in her. This melancholy soon passed and made way for a sunny and hyperactive disposition that took many of the group off guard.

At this point the journey reached its most treacherous leg: the passage through the eye of Abenengo. The difficulties of sailing through a permanent hurricane of unparalleled size meant the first mate and Captain were too busy to entertain the guests at this stage of the journey. Not that any were in the mood for conversation during that period, conditions in the eye were rough on those unused to such voyages and most resigned themselves to their cabins.

The trip through the eye was so taxing on the passengers and crew, that they stopped a week in the shackles port of Ollo to allow repairs to be made and to give the passengers time to recover. When they left Ollo the ship replaced the flag of Magnimar with that of Eleder, ensuring that the many pirate ships of the shackles did nothing but shadow them throughout the waters of the hurricane king. The Jeneviere made stops at several ports along the west coast of the Mwangi expanse, and the passengers began to adapt to the change in temperature and humidity.

In Port Peril, they picked up an attractive but bad mouthed half-elf called Aerys Mavado. In Bloodcove, they took on an old Tianese swordsman by the name of Ishirou. In the days since these two have proven to be the most isolationist and standoffish of the passengers, with both only leaving their rooms for meals and contributing little in the way of table conversation.

The last of the passengers, a man named Tavar, boarded in Senghor on the northern tip of desperation bay. Malachios, Kren and Jensen seemed to take a liking to the fellow and enjoyed his stories of growing up in this part of the world over diner.

On the night before the crash, there was animated talk amoungst the crew regarding new orders and a course change. The passengers last memory before waking up on the shores of the Shiv was of a meal of watery soup, where both the captain and the first mate were absent.

Ports of Call

Port of Embarkation:
Magnimar, Varisia (Gelik, Ieana, Malchios)

2 days in Port:
Kintargo, Cheliax

3 days in Port:
Pezzack, Cheliax (Kren)

7 days in Port:
Corentyn, Cheliax (Jask, Jensen)

2 days in Port:
Ilizmagorti, Mediogalti Island (Sasha)

7 days in Port:
Ollo, The Shackles

2 days in Port:
Quent, The Shackles

3 days in Port:
Port Peril, The Shackles (Aerys)

2 days in Port:
Bloodcove, Mwangi Expanse (Ishirou)

3 days in Port:
Senghor, Mwangi Expanse (Tavor)

Days at Sea: 71
Total Journey: 104



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