Chapter 1 - Souls for Smuggler's Shiv

Sessiion 16

Shark Lagoon

15th of Erastus

The following takes place between 9am and 4pm on

  • After a late breakfast, the group sets off to find a fresh water source to replenish their their supplies. As they follow the rocky western shore they come accross a large lagoon with of crystal clear water and a plethora of reefs and two shipwrecks (one submerged, one not). As they begin idly looking for pretty shells along the beach front, they spy the battered form of Kurwol washing up on shore.
  • A quick examination reveals him to possess a nasty shark bite, and after Jensen Heals him he eventually comes too and warns them that the remaining Sahuagan raiders have taken up shop in ‘Shark Lagoon’. Partially out of revenge and partially out of lust for adventure, the group decides to raid the submerged wreck and prevent the Sahuagan from estabilishing a beachhead this far into civilised waters.
  • The group make their way along a reef at low tide, then each drinks a portion of their potion of water breathing. They then tie themselves to the anchor feather token and summon it, dragging the group to the depths of the lagoon where they find it easier to walk accross the bottom than swim.
  • As they Approach the Alma’s ruin, Tavar stands on a small urchin. Injuring his foot and creating a trace of blood in the water, alerting the reef sharks that the Sahuagan use as guard dogs. After they drag the anchor halfway to the ship, they are attacked out of the blue by the Sahuagan sentries and their pets. Despite their blood frenzy and terrain advantage, the group is able to pull together and bring down the monsters.
  • It takes most of the duration of the potion they drank to reach and explore the flooded ship. But eventually they find ther way to an air pocket in the rear of the hold. Here however, lairs the Sahuagan leader who had been waiting a long time for a decent fight.
  • Despite his use of a powerful Mwangi artifact, ‘The Blood Spear’, the group eventually fell Carcaro in what is their most desperate battle yet. Oscar fled to his homeplane to recover, while as Jensen and Malachios barely survived with impressive scars to show for it.
  • Bhunabhaji however was not so lucky, having had his throat ripped out by the feirce Sahuagan warriors powerful jaw. After retrieving the artifact, the group used to magical buoyancy effect of the potion of water walking to surface. Bringing the body of their fallen comrade with them.
    He was taken from them suddenly and cruelly, before they ever truly knew him. Not knowing his burial customs, they decided to burn his corpse so that at least his mortal form would not be coopted by the forces of undeath running rampant of the island.
  • However an even greater tragedy is looming overhead, as to the south they notice for the first time a great column of smoke. And rememebered how it had factored into Pezocks and Bhunabhaji’s stories of their being attacked by savages. Of in the distance, a storms is brewing…



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