Chapter 1 - Souls for Smuggler's Shiv

Session 1


1st of Erastus, AR 4711

The following took place between 8am to 3pm, Day 1 on the Island.

  • The group awakened to find themselves an unfamiliar shore and no memory of how they got there.
    As the incoming tide reached them, they see the dead bodies and pieces of wreckage being tossed about in the surf. Taking advantage of the wreck were a large number of Sea Scorpions, who the group was forced to fend off before getting to safety further up the beach.
  • After getting their bearings, the survivors spot the wreck of The Jeneviere, it’s remains wedged at an angle between the rocks and the cliff face. They find markings on the beach which suggest that they were dragged away from the surf by someone during the night.
  • Kren identifies the bitter after taste of a high dosage of Oil of Taggit, suggesting that the passengers were drugged.
  • Jask requests to be freed from his mannacles in light of their situation, revealing that he is a cleric of Nethys and can supply the camp with water. He claims to be innocent of the charges layed against him.
  • After determining that they should retrieve what they can from the ship before it smashed to pieces. A group consisting of Malachios, Jensen, Tavor and Kren volunteered to go on a salvage mission.
  • After making their way along the rocky shoreline, the group scaled the nearby cliff face and climbs down onto The Jeneviere. Most of the prow had been lost in the wreck, the lower decks collapsed and/or flooded.
  • One of the ships lifeboats had been smashed against the sides of the ship, the other is missing. From the top of the cliff face, the group spots another wreck off in the distance and a lot of large sea birds in the Western sky.
  • As the group descends into the darkened ship, they are assaulted by a scarlet coloured sea scorpion that is larger and more aggressive than its smaller kin.
  • Inside the larder, the group finds the body of the chef Rombar Terillo. Jensen identifies him to have died from the poison of the bite of a large snake.
  • The scrapes along the supply room door and the trail of blood leading under it indicate that the creature was trying to get at whatever had locked himself inside. After picking the lock, Kren opened the door to reveal the corpse of the first mate.
  • The rooms of the four volunteers are at the stern of the upper deck, allowing them to retrieve their belongings and luggage. The other survivors are not so lucky.
  • In the Captains cabin the group finds the keys to Jask’s mannacles and his personal effects.
  • By rummaging through his desk they find a collection of maps and sea charts and the Captains ledger. Unable to pick the lock, Malachios pries open the bottom drawer with a crowbar.
  • By the time the group has finished searching the ship it is midday and the tide has gone out again, taking the sea scorpions with it. Carrying their salvage back takes a lot out of the group in the midday summer heat. Tavor faints despite having lived in the expanse his whole life, though all except Malachios fare little better.
  • Jensen decides to free Jask and returns his belongings. Jask is so grateful for this that he pledges to provide the group with food and water. The others give him a wide berth.
  • To make up for an argument they had on the ship, Malachios gifts Aerys the Captains brandy to replace her lost stash. She begrudgingly accepts this gift and starts swiggin it neat.
  • Once they finish dragging the salvage onto shore, they spend the afternoon recovering in the shade. During this time the group consults the charts and the Captains ledger. They determine that they were two days out from Eleder and deduce from their last known position that the only place they could have crashed on is the notorious ships grave yard: the Smuggler’s Shiv. One of the charts possesses a rough sketch of the island but it lacks detail, and without landmarks you are unable to identify which shore of the island you are on.



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