Chapter 1 - Souls for Smuggler's Shiv

Session 10

Anenomae Territory

6th-7th of Erastus

The following took place betweeb 4:30 pm on the sixth day and 3pm on the seventh day.

  • After gathering the Viper nettle berries they had set out for, the group decided to return to camp and shrug off the lingering effects of malaria. Along the way they spied more and more simian eyes watching them from vantage points in the tree canopy. Unaware of their danger, these monkeys were scouting out the party for an ambush.
  • After the main group slaughtered it’s troop, a certain monkey swore his revenge. After travelling the island and telling other troops of the group, this angry monkey managed to gather an army of like-minded apes to enact his vengeance against our adventurers.
  • During the confrontation the swarming monkeys, Tavar used a spell to daze it’s ringleader and ordered Oscar to impale the angry simian. With a combination of Malachios’s sword work and Kren’s explosives the frenzied troop were driven off. The remains of the slain monkeys were nailed to trees as a warning to other creatures.
    These actions did not go unnoticed
  • When they returned to the camp they found Aerys alone on the edge of the cove, drinking one of the fine bottles of brandy they recovered from the The Golden Bow. It is revealed that she has been sweet talking Ishirou into bypassing the lock on Kren’s chest.
  • After defeating her in a game of Liar dice, the group managed to convince her to willingly give up her ‘medicine’ and try and go clean. They encourage her to pursue her goals and ask Jask to oversee her treatment with the Viper nettle berries.
  • Later that evening, the group decides to explore their immediate surroundings. Their new campsite is near fresh water and many animals that live close to it. Deciding that staying here for a few days to gather food/water whilst a small group searches of the rumoured abandoned lighthouse. The group decides to trust Bhunabhaji and bring him along.
  • Early the next day, the group packs rations and sets off to follow the shoreline to the south. Jask casts a full complement of spells to help the group travel through the midday heat and they explore the islands north west shore.
  • Just past midday, the group hears the contented humming of a strange fish man whilst passing near a reef. Nearby they spot the submerged wreck of The Scallywag, near which they see Kurwol feeding his pet Moray eel. Whilst initially wary of the newcomers, the curious creature swims up to the group and greets them in garbled polyglot.
  • After realizes they are not hostile like the ‘other ones’ that regularly try and eat him. After trading with the eccentric merchant, he wonders if they could help him in his scavenging of the varios wrecks on the island. He mentions one wreck to the south thats only entrance is guarded by giant sea urchins, one to the north west on ‘fungus island’ and several to the west in a lagoon guarded by ‘shark men’. If the group finds anything worth trading on these wrecks he says to come see him.
  • After meeting the second non-psychotic island denizen, the group is feeling helpful. When they later walk by The Windwar as the tides begin to turn, they decide to explore the wreck. Finding the wrecks entrance guarded by Giant Urchin’s, they exploited their ranged weapons to take the creatures out safely and proceeded to explore the partially submerged wreck.
  • Inside they find the remains of a strange assortment of animal and plant samples taken from around the expanse. Whilst exploring the hold, Bhunabhaji is ambushed by a Octopus which turns out to be poisenous when bitten by Oscar. Inside the hold they find several large cages containing bone picked skeletons. One cage however had its bars prized apart by a creature possessing inhuman strenth, the sign attatched to the cage door read ‘Biggles’. After waiting for the last of the midday heat to subside, the group prepared to continue their journey.



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