Chapter 1 - Souls for Smuggler's Shiv

Session 11

Mapping the Shores

7th-9th of Erasmus

The following took place between 3:15pm on the seventh day and 10pm on the ninth day.

  • After travelling late into the afternoon, the group rounds a beach on the western shore. They see now see the mountain they had previously seen only in the distance overlooking a cliff lined inlet.
  • Less than an hour later the group comes accross a long abandoned campsite consisting of two weather beaten huts made from driftwood. After searching the site they find no signs that anyone has lived there in years, but they do find the overgrown remains of a path leading into the jungle. In one of the collapsed huts the group finds a large inverted pentagram carved into one wall with several human teeth hammered into the wood in its center.
  • Choosing the abandoned campsite to set up krens large tent, the group decides to make camp for the night in this spot when an alluring song came to them from over the waves. This captivating voice caused the group to begin to swim entranced towards the nearby wreck. Upon realizing they were in danger of drowning, malachios and tavar snapped out of it and managed to save two of their companions from drowning themelves. Oscar and Bhunabhaji, whilst still entranced, managed to swim to the wreck and are captured by their musical foe.
  • After getting their wits about them, the group recognized the call of a Harpy. When it became apparent that the remaining castaways had become immune to her charms, the harpy flew at them in a rage only to driven off with a barrage of fire bombs, crossbow bolts and ships wheels (?!). After drinking an elixer of swimming, Malachios pursued the injured Harpy to her nest and landed a solid blow when she was distracted by an eagle summoned by Tavar. After freeing his companion, the group set up watch and settled down for the night.
  • During the night the waves entering the inlet seeing to glow with more swirling green patterns than those of the north west shore. At one point, Tavar heard the sounds of heavy wings pass over.
  • After breaking camp, the group decided to head inland on their second day of exploration. Deciding to follow the remains of the overgrown trail they found near the abandoned camp, they set off into the jungle. Along he way the group spied the mangled corpse of a feral goat caught in the tree canopy. After retrieving it, Krens examination revaled to have been drained of blood from three unusual fang marks. Disturbed by this development, the group pressed on.
  • Whilst travelling along, a trip wire is triggered and Oscar is hit with an sharp edged log that was part of an old trap. Finding this evidence, the castaways wonder who left such a trap and why callibrate it for such a large creatures weight.
  • Shortly after encountering the trap, the group reaches a fork in the road. They choose the north facing fork and make their way to another abandoned camp built from driftwood. One of which being made from a lifeboat of the wreck of the bloody doll. Inside this camp they find a fully grown Yellow musk Sproutling staring mournefully out to see and quickly fell it.
  • Here they rest for the night, and again see strange glowing patterns in the ocean and hear unnerving cries in the night. A bored Tavar finds a hidden Rumrunner cache on the outskirts of the camp, with several full bottles of aged rum for the taking.
  • Their food stores depleted, the group decides to head back to base camp. In the Jungle near the abandoned camp they come accross the central root nodule of the Yellow musk creeper they had been fighting the minions of. During the clash with its remaining zombies, the plant creature used its hypnotic pollen to lure Jensen to within reach of its tendrils.
  • After freeing Jensen, the group used their newfound stash of rum and alchemical tinderwigs to incinerate the creature once and for all.
  • They returned to camp in the early evening to be treated to a evening meal caught and cooked by Jask and the thanks of Aeys, who was now through the worst of her withdrawl symptoms. Aerys entertained the group by sharing with them the draft of her poetry epic: ‘the Abenengo Cantos’.



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