Chapter 1 - Souls for Smuggler's Shiv

Session 12

A business opportunity

10th-11th of Erastus

The following took place between 10am on the tenth day and 6pm on the eleventh day.

  • Upon their return, the previous night. Ishirou approached Jensen with a business proposition. He revealed that he had in his possession the other half of the map he had donated, and that revealed it to contain the location of the lost treasure of Lorch Quellig’s. Jensen suggested they bring those they trusted the most: Malachios, Kren and Tavar. And agreed to keep the treasure secret from the rest of the group.
  • Early on the 10th day, the group gathered supplies and shovels and headed off along the east coast. Following the route they had scouted out a few days previous.
  • After reaching the abandoned camp they’d stayed at previously, the group headed inland. Heading to the highest point on the north east tip of the island. On the way they encountered a hungry shiv dragon, but they were quickly able to dispatch it with Ishirou’s skilled bladearm.
  • Upon reaching the hilltop, the castaways followed Ishirou’s instructions and they made camp. Keeping the fire burning low so as not to be spotted. During Kren and Tavars watched, a great winged beast flew over head and dropped a blood drained goat into the heart of the campsite. Waking all. Kren determined this to be some form of territorial display and few if anyone got much sleep that night.
  • In the dawns light they use Ishirou’s instructions to locate the buried treasure and begin digging. Shortly before midday then uncover a Dwarf skeleton, with a crossbow bolt in its back.
  • In their eagerness to hit paydirt, the group continue digging in shifts throughout the midday heat until they eventually hit a wooden platform. Which Malachios foolishly attempt to break through, only for the platform to collapse and sending Jensen and Yaseen falling into the gloom of a hollowed out pit.
  • At the bottom they land in a deep murky pit of collected rain water and flounder around for a few moments whilst they attempt get their bearings. As their allies looked on from above, Jensen watched with horror as malachios was pulled under the murky water by powerful and bony hands.
  • As those above fumbled with the rope, another such creature emerged from the depths and bit into Jensens neck. Paralyzing him with fear and leaving him face down in the putrid water. Kren and Oscar jumped down to fend off the creature, but the struggle was a desperate one without solid footing. After finally getting a solid hit, Kren pulled his unconsious ally to the rope where Tavar and Ishirou lifted him out and revived him with a handy potion.
  • Meanwhile, malachios manages to overcome the Lacedon that dragged him into the water and impales it through the eye socket with a climbing spike from his belt kit. Whilst trying to swim to the surface he comes accross a hidden air pocket, and later comes back with a rope and an active light spell to locate an old treasure chest hidden in this pocket.
  • With some effort, the group effentually retrieve their treasure and spend the best part of the remaining daylight transporting it back to camp. On the outskirts of camp they divvy up shares and bury it to keep it secret. Returning late into the evening.
  • Bhunabhaji, who’s on watch at the time welcomes them and Malachios who is yet to become fatigued shares the last of the Mwangi coffee with him. Bhunabhaji notes that:
    “The Spirits are restless this night…”



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