Chapter 1 - Souls for Smuggler's Shiv

Session 13

The Ghost and the Tengu

12th -13th of Erastus

The following took place between 1-30am on the twelth day and 10pm on the thirteenth day.

  • During the night, the Ghost of Captain Kinkarian returned. This time bringing with him a crew of drowned seamen comprising of those who’s ships the Castaways had looted after their demise. The undead animated the waterlogged and sea creature colonized bones of scattered along the shores to attack the castaways camp with rusted weapons and undead rage.
  • After Gelik fled in fear, the rest stood their group. Jask and Jensen cutting swathes through Kinkarians crew whilst Tavar and Kren searched his chest for Kinkarians stolen locket.

After being struck twice by lightning, Malachios had unlocked his elemental heritage. Granting him the power to infuse his weapon with magick and lightning, which he used to beat but Kinkarians ghost into the surf. THIS SECTION HAS BEEN RETCONNED DUE TO STUPIDITY

  • After driving back Kinkarians ghost using his PLOTHOLE fearsome blade, the captain reformed in the surf and made for Kren in a pained rage. Upon opening the clasp and revealing to him, the image of his long lost love quieted his spirit and he was finally able to fulfil his dying wish of seeing her one last time. After calling off his assault, Kinkarian made a request of the castaways to tell those left before the fate of all who had been lost to the Shiv.
  • Upon bringing Kinkarian to his final resting place. The group feels a surge of strength at their accompolishments. Having learnt a great deal from their ordeal.
  • After a long deserved lie in, the group was approached by Bhunabhaji who had spent the previous two days stocking up the camps food supply and putting some aside for another scouting mission. He reveals his vision of the island spirit, tells of her quest and passes on her warning that there was another evil that came to the island with the castaways. The group decide to help him with his goal, and scope out the western shore while they are at it.
  • After spending a day resting and gathering supplies. The group sets out at first light to cross the shores of Crab cove. A journey that takes them over a day, and had them cross paths with many of the Giant Crustaceans that Bhunabhaki had warned them about.
  • In the later part of the afternoon they come accross another abandoned camp which showed signs of a struggle years ago. In the center of the desolate camp they find the ashes of an old signal fire containing the warped and rusted forms of weapons and armor. A cursory search of one of the buildings reveals a discarded dagger under a pile of sand and dust. It is curved and bloodstained, possessing the heraldry of two bloodied and crossed mantis claws. Malachios recognizes this as the same as Sasha’s tattoo, which the group realize is the symbol of the red mantis Assassins guild.
  • Continuing along the shore, despite the discovery of another game trail. The group comes accross a strange site shortly before nightfall. At first it appears to be just another giant crab to avoid, but the strange cries coming from its shell attract the curiosity of the group. Despite its warning gestures and cacophany of animal cries, Bhunabhaji approaches and is knocked down by a hefty claw for his troubles.
  • After some fast talking, the true denizen of this ‘Crab’ reveals himself and apologizes. This paranoid and strangely dressed bird man identifies himself as a fellow castaway and enjoys some long anticipated conversation from ‘normal people’. Though he is accomodating, he refuses to let the castaways make camp near his house and the group backtracks in the falling light to the abandoned camp he tells them is ‘safe’.



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