Chapter 1 - Souls for Smuggler's Shiv

Session 14

Silent Island

14th of Erastus

The following took place between 9am and 3pm on the fourteenth day.

  • Pezock arrives at the camp first thing, bringing a breakfast of island sushi.
    He asks that the castaways do him a favor and scare away the ‘Cawroars’ (Rhamphorynchus) roosting on his old ship and retrieving his spyglass for him.
  • As they travel to the NE corner of the Shiv they see the place Aycenia calls ‘Silent island’. For the trees and beasts there are dead, despite the unnatural things growing there.
  • They press on and find where Pezocks ship ran aground nearly 7 years ago. Kren scares the fanged birds away with one of his bombs and the ground locates Pezocks old cabin. Tho Bhunabhaji gets grazed by a crossbow trap Pezock forgot about, they retrieve the spyglass and return to Pezock who lets them keep one of his potions in payment.
  • They examining Silent island using Pezocks spyglass and see that the barren rocks and old dead trunks has been overrun with a carpet of grey fungus, whose uncapped stalks reach towards the sky like a strange facsimile of the forest that came before. At midday, the lower tide reveals a land bridge of seaweed covered rocks.
  • As the group make the crossing they encounter a diseased crab that had recently eaten something very bad for it. Kren bombs it, but the resulting splatter smells foul and is interdispersed with tendrils of pale fungus. The closer the group gets to the island, the worse the smell seems to get.
  • When they reach the island iself, it at first seems abandoned. Though the forest of fungus makes it hard to tell. Kren has a field day and begins takes new samples right left and centre. Unfortunately one of the ones he prods with his knife was a shrieking fungus, alerting the islands habitants with an inaudible high pitched scream (that annoyed oscar no end).
  • The group decides to look for high group, and upon finding it. Spied a great fungus coated rock to the north and a wreck to the east. Deciding to try and clear the infestation at the source, the group heads to the wreck. Along they way they begin hearing clicking and tapping sounds all around them.
  • Despite their tracking capabilites, a large band of Vegepygmies manage to get the drop on the party. The ensuing battle is short but feirce. As despite their strange anatomies, they are no real threat to the group. After studying the discoloration of these so called ‘green men’, Kren finds that they are actually an atypical pale colour and have attempted to cultivate green mass on their bodies to try and conform to some deep held racial identity.



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