Chapter 1 - Souls for Smuggler's Shiv

Session 15

The Abomination

14th of Erastus

The following took place place between 3pm and 12pm on the 14th day.

  • After taking a short break, noone is particularly hungry so they press on through the alien terrain. Eventually they come to the small cove in which a mold coated ship now rests. Thick tendrils of fungus formed bridges over the blackish water to ship itself and look to the observer almost like tether ropes or gangplanks.
  • As they begin to cross, a lone vegepygmy sentry spots them and begins hurling javelins at them. In the rush and confusion, malachios and Jensen fall into the grunge infested water. One of whom quickly swims to safety, the other flounders about. Eventually the rest of the group reaches the main deck they take down the sentry but not before it triggers another violet shrieker alarm.
  • After gathering there strength the group descends into what remains of the crew quarters and confront an oversized Vegepygmy and his remaining cronies. During the fight, Kren refrains from incendaries but the combination of Jensens new sorcerous abilities and Malachios’s sword win the day.
  • In one of the larger cabins, the group finds a mold encrusted ledger but cannot decipher much beyond the pathfinder society symbol on the cover. They decide to bring it to Gelik for translation. Who later reveals that this did indeed belong once the lost pathfinder vessel, the Nightvoice.
  • When the group examine the hold for the source of the fungus infection. They find the ‘birth corpses’ of the vegepygmies laid out in a perverse form of ancestor worship. Next to this is a cultivated garden of Fungus which seems to depict the small island, with a dust coated ship model showing where the nightvoice got marrooned. The fungal cultivation gets thicker and more varied around a large purple painted rock brought from the island. Overlooking this diorama is a carving of an angelic figure taken from the prow of the ship, its features marred by aggressive fungal growth.
  • As the group examine the hold for further evidence and loot, one of the larger carpets begins to move. Forcing Mal to slatter the giant slime mold against the hull, but only after being infested with horrid fungal rot on his arms from the splatter.
  • After figuring out that the diorama attaches some sort of religious significance to the rock to the north, the group set off in that direction. After using a combination of the remaining rum and Krens bombs to set the infected wreck alight.
  • As they approach the northern rock, the variety and density of the fungal forest increase. Everywhere in the strange ecosystem the stalk trees grow bigger and the cap bushes grow wider near veins of a strange purple fungus that become more and more common as they approached the north shore.
  • Seeing their approach to the rock to be cover in purple veins, they watch their step. But where they walk the tendrils shiver and for the entire climb they feel the presence of a malign awareness. As they reach the summit; they find strange offerings of bones, shells and human teeth that were left by the Vegepygmies. Perhaps believing the source of the infestation to be some sort of god figure.
  • After peeling back the thin skein over a hollowed out opening, the castaways are met by the horrible sight of what was once a man. Fused with a strange and otherworldy infestation that seemed to have used his mind and body as the base for a form of nervous system. As the battle is joined, the creature pulled itself free of the wall and lashed out with its unholy tendrils. Oscars material form had its flesh melted away at its touch, forcing the others to use ranged attacks to bring it low. Though at first it seemed to resist the flames, the ferocity of the groups coordinated strike eventually took it down.
  • Upon the destruction of the Abomination, Bhunabhaji confirmed that the islands ecosystem would now eventually return to the island. As they made there way back to the south shore, they had to take great care as the forest of fungus died and collapsedaround them. Bereft of the source of their unnattural heritage, the land of rot fell apart. Unable to sustain itself naturally on this plane. To Krens Chagrin, this also extended to the samples he had taken, many of which belonging to strange species never seen before.
  • As they waited for low tide to come again, they watched and listened as the ecosystem collapsed into grey slime all around them. When they reached shore and made camp, they felt proud to have rid the world of an invading infestation. But they did not eat, and took great pains to wash themselves the following morning.



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