Chapter 1 - Souls for Smuggler's Shiv

Session 2

Missing Castaway

1st-2nd Day of Erastus, AR 4711

The following took place between 3pm on the 1st day
and 6am on the 2nd day

  • The group spends the rest of evening building a shelter. Kren grants the use of his tent to the Ladies, for which they are grateful. Meanwhile, the potions they retrieved from the captains desk are identified.
  • Eager to do something useful, Sasha and Jask gather firewood while Jensen coordinates the others into making a rough shelter out of the canvas strips and driftwood. Gelik proves to have ‘expert’ opinions on every subject matter which helps very little.
  • The survivors share a subdued meal of cooked sea scorpion, which only Malachios enjoys. The group tries to keep each others spirits up with tales of other times they’ve been in desperate situations and survived.
  • A watch is decided for the night. Aerys and Jensen volunteer to take shifts, and when seeing the Half-elf pitching in so too does Ishirou.
  • Over the course of the evening, the wreck of The Jeneviere is dislodged the cliff face and smashed against the rocks. It remains are scattered by the incoming tide.
  • Sometime after midnight, Ishirou wakes Jensen and tells him that Aerys is missing. A quick search reveals barefoot human footprints and drag marks heading towards the shore. Ishirou volunteers to stay and guard the camp while Jensen gathers a Posse to find out who or what has taken the woman.
  • Due to the low tide, and the freshness of the tracks, the group are able to follow the trail of the kidnapper along the cove and around to the east.
  • As they follow the trail along the shoreline; the tide begins to slowly come back in, bringing with it a gang of sea scorpions. Kren extracts the venom from one of the larger specimens, but is stung in the process.
  • Dawn breaks as the trail ends near series of rock pools leading to a raised rock shelf: on which rests the wreck of the ship they spied earlier from the cliff face. It is old and badly damaged, with only the rear hold completely intact. The worn engraving on the hull reads: the Tattooed lady. Malachios discovers a piece of torn black leather and remembers this was the type of clothing worn by Aerys.
  • As they approach, they hear the an eerie voice making high society table conversation in the manner of a host. The possessor of the voice is so preoccupied with entertaining his ‘guest’ that he doesn’t notice the parties approach.
  • The Half-elf’s kidnapper is a ghoul dressed in rags that could once have been finery. Aerys had been paralysed by the ghoul’s touch and was sat at table set with cutlery and fine china. In the gloom, several carcasses could be seen hanging from makeshift hooks on the walls.
  • The Ghoul, attacks the party crashers but is scorched to a cinder by positive energy channeled by Jensen. After rescuing the Half-elf, Tavor has Oscar carry her until she shakes off the ghouls paralysis. Malachios collapses the abominations home in revenge.



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