Chapter 1 - Souls for Smuggler's Shiv

Session 3

Welcome to the jungle

2nd of Erastus,

The following took place between 7am and 10pm, on the second day.

  • Finding their way back to camp proved to be impractical for the group, as the morning tide effectively blocked their path along the northern shore. Instead, they made their way back along the cliff face, trying to backtrack above the shoreline.
  • After reaching a ravine, the group decided to find a way around and enter the jungle. Shortly after they stumble upon a clearing and startle a flock of the ‘fanged birds’ they saw earlier. The brightly coloured flying lizards and they attack the party to try and drive them away from their prize, two rat carcasses.
  • The group gets turned around in trying to make their way back to the north cliffs, to the west and south they sea many more of these ‘fanged birds’ overhead.
  • As they stumble through the thick undergrowth, the adventurers almost walked right into the web of a giant arachnid. The creature descends and bites Malachios with it’s paralytic venom before Oscar could kill it. Kren remembers that the larger female of this species releases pheromones to attract a mate, they realize that the spiders pheromone sack ruptured during the fight.
  • While they get their bearings, the scent attracts the attention of every male Medusa spider within half a mile and swarms of them descend on the party. After fighting them off, Tavor un-summons Oscar as he was coated in the spider ichor. This seemed to prevent the pheromones being an issue.
  • Eventually Tavor leads the group back to camp, only to find Ishirou and Gelik bickering, and Jask and Sasha missing. The argument is regarding Gelik helping himself to the groups rations, and the normally reserved Ishirou is angry at Gelik’s selfishness.
  • The party yells at Gelik and he spends the rest of the day sulking. Aerys retires to her tent after eating and rides out the midday heat in the ‘Girls’ tent. When pressed about the location of the others, Ishirou merely shrugs and says they went to look for food. Whilst the group waits out the midday heat to pass: Malachios gathers firewood, Tavor scrubs down Oscar, Kren examines the Sea scorption venom and Jensen keeps watch.
  • In the afternoon, the group sets out to do some exploring and to check that Jask hasn’t fled. They follow his and Sasha’s tracks a little way into a grove of fruit trees, but lose their way shortly afterwards. They head due north to the shore line to catch their bearings.
  • From a perch high on a cliff ledge they see another old wreck, this one an Orcish longboat, marooned on some large rocks near shore. Resolving to check it out at next tide, the party heads back to camp.
  • Along the way the group spots a strange flying snake that had been watching them. Upon discovery it blinds several of them with a spray of acrid venom and swoops down to attack the group. They kill the tricky creature and bring its corpse back to camp for study.
  • Upon returning to the camp, they find Jask and Sasha have also returned. Bringing with them a packpack of fruit and two large grey rats. The group eats well that night whilst making plans for the next day. Jask opens up to the group and tells them more about himself and the crimes he was framed for (see Subquest: Proof of Innocence).
  • The night was undisturbed save for the occasional argumentative mutterings of sea scorpions fighting over juicy bits of flotsam. Just before dawn it rains for half an hour, causing the fire to dim. Not everyone sleeps peacefully; Jensen and Tavor have nightmares about the night of the wreck and several of the Castaways are bitten in the night by Mosquito’s.



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