Chapter 1 - Souls for Smuggler's Shiv

Session 4

Exploring the Shiv

3rd of Erastus,

The following took place between 7am and 4-30pm on the third day.

  • Upon waking they find that several of the group are suffering from a slight fever which they identify as the early symptoms of Black Blood Fever. With Jask off hunting and Ishirou off beachcombing, the party decided to attempt to salvage what they can from the other wrecks on the island.
  • The group sets off towards a grove of fruit trees that Jask mentioned. Intending to gear up on food supplies for the day. They stumble accross a troup of Capuchin Monkeys who are startled and fling poop at the interlopers. The group…overreacts…
    Malachios captures the Thaltaki in his rucksack and they stock up on bushmeat.
  • When they reach the Northern Cliff face and get a better look at the wreck they spied the previous day, they realize that the wrecks location makes it accessable only at low tide. Which at this time of year is at noon and midnight. So for now they resolve to explore farther from camp.
  • As they travel through the jungle they tried to keep within hearing distance of the ocean but lose their way. After finding themselves heading uphill, they send Malachios climbing up a large tree to spot any landmarks. He sees a flock of Fang birds to the north, the torn sails and mast of another wreck to the east and what appears to be another cove to the south east. After resting through the midday heat the group resolves to investigate this second wreck first before heading back to the first wreck.
  • After an hour trekking through the jungle, it became apparent that they were being stalked by a large predator. After a tough battle with this ‘Shiv dragon’, the group feels a surge exhileration at surviving such long odds. When the adrenaline runs out however, they pause to catch their breath…



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