Chapter 1 - Souls for Smuggler's Shiv

Session 5

The ships graveyard

3rd – 4th of Erastus,

The following took place between 4:30pm on the third day, and 2:00 on the fourth day

  • The group explores The Golden Bow on the north eastern shoreline, then headed back to settle in on the coast near the other wreck at nightfall. They have a small meal and catch a few hours sleep whilst they waited for the tide to go out.
  • Kren runs out of vermin repellant. Due to their exposure to the elements during the night, all of the group is bitten by the islands bug population, contracting Black blood fever. The group begins to feel lethargic and feverish. It is during this time that Tavar sees the swirling patterns of green light in the surrounding waters coalesce in a ghostly human shape Ghost, but the others chalk this up to feverish hallucinations.
  • Shortly before midnight, the group ventured out towards the wreck on the northern rocks. As they travelled they used liberal amounts of light from spells and lanterns to avoid the rockpools in which Sea Scorpions were hiding. Kren took a sample of the green glowing water and identified the glow as resulting from bioluminescent algae that is indigenous to Desperation bay.
  • When they reached the wreck of the longboat, they could not read its name as it was in Orcish. When they ventured inside they found it haunted Ghostby the spirits of the slaves that were still chained to the oars. One malevolent spirit whipped the others into a frightened frenzy, causing them to re-animate their bones and attack. After listening to the spirits cries for freedom, Tavar led the group in freeing the bound souls from their harsh taskmaster.
  • Whilst exploring the flooded section of the ships rear, Jensen fell through a hole that lead into the ships hold. There in the murky darkness, Jensen was met by the claws of a hungry sea scorpion when Kren illuminated the hold with a sunrod. The aquatic vermin had set up its lair near the Orc’s plunder from years gone by, and the group recovered what they could from the submerged hold.
  • With little to show for it, the group pushed on through the night and returned to camp in the early hours of the morning. Ishirou, who was on watch upon their return, questioned them eagerly about any landmarks they may have encountered. Seeming cheerier than his usual stoic and withdrawn self.



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