Chapter 1 - Souls for Smuggler's Shiv

Session 6

First Exodus

4th of Erastus

The following took place between 9:30am and 10pm on the fourth day.

  • Upon awakening, the Castaways find that nearly half of their members have begun to suffer from Black Blood Fever. With no fresh water supploes in the vicinity and food getting scarcer every day. Jask calls for a meeting of the castaways to discuss how to survive.
  • Jask and Sasha, the groups main hunters, report on the depletion of natural resources on this tip of the island and suggest moving the camp further inland in search of game and freshwater. Gelik and Aerys are resistant to the idea, as they feel that staying near a visable coastline maximises their chance of survival. After reporting on a sheltered cove he spied the previous day, Malachios suggests that they move the camp there. Many of the castaways seem resistant to the idea, but it is eventually agreed upon via vote.
  • Jask and Kren identify the disease that is plaguing most of the camp. They suggest numerous ways of which to reduce the chance of getting infected and Kren uses the last of his alchemical ingredients to brew two Antiplague vials. As a halfling with no prior exposure, Gelik is the worst hit by the disease. The group donates their only Remove Disease potion, to save his life.
  • After missing much of the proceedings, Ishirou arrives carrying a waterproof scroll case containing various charts and maps. He found his missing case whilst beachcombing and draws out a damaged scap of paper from it’s depth. It turns out to be a roughly drawn map of the island with the parts showing much of the north east torn away. When he is questioned about how how he obtained the map and why he hadn’t mentionned it before, Ishirou takes this as an insult to his honor and becomes standoffish and unfriendly to anyone who talks to him.
  • When discussing how best to escape the island: Ishirou and Aerys shoot down Sasha’s idea of building a raft and Geliks thought of fixing up a wreck. Though these ideas remain possible means of escape. Jask mentions that he had read a book once that detailed the early Chellish Colonisation efforts on the island. As he recalled, the book said that the Chellish settlers intended to build a lighthouse on the island but that it was never completed. Jask suggests that if they found this abandoned lighthouse, they may be able to use it to signal for help.
  • After an early meal, the group packs up all they can carry from their campsite and sets off to find a better location after the midday heat has subsided. Along the way they find a Cinchona tree, whose bark they strip and chew on for its medicinal effect on the Black Blood Fever.
  • Whilst stumbling through the undergrowth, they come accross what at first appears to be another survivor of the Jeneviere. But the crewman that Malachios recognizes turn out to be a corpse, clumsily animated by a plantlike creature. Unnerved by this creature, Malachios puts his old crew mate out of his misery.
  • Due to a combination of their late start, heavy burdens and illnesses. Not much headway is made that day, and the exhausted group comes to rest on the cliffs overlooking the wreck they explored the previous day.
  • Smitten with the exciteable redhead, Malachios convinces his weary allies to aid Sasha in getting her a pet Fang bird. After finding a nearby roost, the group is attacked by a flock of these creature who seek to defend their nests. One of the Rhamphorynchus is larger than the others and feircely defends it’s territory, giving them trouble, but the creatures are eventually driven off or killed. Then, after a near death experiance with a rope, Malachios managed to obtain an egg for Sasha from one of the cliff nests.



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