Chapter 1 - Souls for Smuggler's Shiv

Session 7

Other survivors

5th of Erastus

The following took place between 1:30am and 8pm on the fifth day.

  • Somewhat resentful of being dragged along with his schemes, the castaways nominate Malchios to take watch on their return. The exhausted fighter fails to notice the approach of several Plant zombies, who were seeking the potential hosts who killed their scout. They ambush the group in the night, causing panic as the strange undead fall upon the sleeping castaways. During the fight one of the larger ones hatches a large yellow flowered plant from its chest, but Kren put it down with an explosive bomb.
  • Tired and wary, the castaways break camp and continue on their journey. Making poor headway again due to a lack of sleep and illness. Over the course of the day several of the castaways begin to recover from the fever plaguing them with the help of Kren’s antiplague vials and the Cinchona bark. Others are not so lucky, and they are forced to use some of the groups restoration potions to keep moving. Tavar and Kren are the worst affected, with the later hallucinating yellow flowers growing from the faces of his allies.
  • Sometime in the early evening, they find the cliffs overlooking the sheltered cove that Malachios spotted. Unfortunately they also see indications of a tropical storm approaching from the north, and make all haste to the cove to use the shelter of the cliffs.
  • When they finally reached the cove, they come accross a band of Sahuagan scavenging from the wave battered remains of one of The Jeneviere’s lifeboats. Though they attempted to reason with the Sahuagan, a communication breakdown (via Kren’s ‘present’) led to a pitched battle with the enraged shark men. The overconfident Malachios rushed in and was swiftly defeating by the creatures, leaving the rest of the group to fight them off with numbers and tactics.
  • When searching the cove as they set up shop, they find signs that the good captain and his consort may have survived. With little time to consider what they have found they struggle to set up their shelters before the storm hits. Wiping away the remains of old tracks with torrential rain and feirce waves.



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