Chapter 1 - Souls for Smuggler's Shiv

Session 8

New allies, new enemies

6th of Erastus

The Following took place between 10am and 8pm on the sixth day.

  • Having survived the storm, the castaways set about fixing up their camp and cooking themselves a breakfast. Seeing the smoke, a Garundi man by the name of Bhunabhaji Dansak finds their camp and approaches Malachios when he is gathering firewood. Though many of the castaways are wary of the newcomer, they are willing to hear him out.
  • He explains that he was shipwrecked almost a month ago, on the western shore of the island. He claims to have been looking for other survivors during his exploration of the region he calls ‘crab cove’ but the group sense that he is not being wholly forthcoming with his tale. However the group decides to give him the benefit of the doubt and allows him to lead them to a nearby fresh water source.
  • During their expedition they travel along a riverbed and Tavar is attacked by a boa constrictor. Not to be outdone by the newcomers Boomerangs, Malachios throws his great sword and split the large snake in two.
  • After returning to camp to wait out the days heat. Bhunabhaji tells the group some of the details of his time on the island and the fate of his ship, The Red wake. When asked if there were other survivors, he shook his head remained silent on the subject.
  • Later in the afternoon, Bhunabhaji leads the group to a nearby cove to the south where he had found a wreck the day before. The secluded cove emitted a quiet malevolence that put the ranger off exploring it on his alone.
  • Most of the wreck was too rotten to explore, but the group manage to find the remains of the captains cabin. Inside they found a one armed skeleton reaching towards a locked chest, which contained a number of ledgers that once belonged to Avret Kinkarian. They also found a few other personal items of the late captain, and as Kren picked up and examined each in turn…Jensen heard a hoarse voice cry out ‘Aeshamara!’ from a golden locket was examined.
  • Unnerved and unable to communicate what he can heard to his allies, Jensen began babbling in Celestial. Similarly superstitios, Bhunabhaji requested that they leave before they angered the spirits. Ignoring his companions, Kren opened the locket and examined the picture of a pretty red haired Half-elf. Again, Jensen heard a voice cry out ‘Aeshamara’ and after casting detect undead he felt the presence of a powerful spirit in the room with them.
  • When the oppressive aura of cold malevolence touched began to unnerve the group. Malachios smashed the captains skeleton in a panic and the group fled the wreck despite Krens protestations. Upon leaving the ship they found the sun setting, an occurence that was at odds with their perception of time they had spent on the ship. What had felt like less than an hour had in fact been several.
  • Irritated by his companions lack of nerve, Kren proceeded to use his armaments to demolish the wreck. Attempting to leave nothing for the angry spirit to hold on to. In fact this only served to enrage the Ghost haunting the nearby waters, who followed them back to their camp.



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