Chapter 1 - Souls for Smuggler's Shiv

Session 9

Search for a cure

6th of Erastus

The following took place between the hours of 1:35am and 4pm.

  • During the night, the camp is attacked by the angry Ghost of Avret Kinkarian. The powerful spirit went after Malachios and Kren in particular, passing through steel and sand like it was water to attack these ‘thieves’. Resistant to Jensens positive energy channeling, the oracle resorting to using the captains own magickal dagger against him to drive him off. When later they were asked what the ghost meant by ‘give it back’, the group took out the golden locket but found that they could no longer prize it open.
  • Upon reading Avret Kinkarian’s journal, they gift Jask with proof of his innocence. Jask vows that this act of friendship, he will repay his debt to the group many times over. Jask took possession of this evidence to study it.
  • Upon consulting with Jask on how best to motivate the camp. Jask suggests putting Gelik to work identifying and valuing the groups salvage, as a way of keeping the easily frightened halflings mind off their predicament. Unsure of how to proceed with Ishirou due to his isolationist stance; the matter is taken out of their hands when Malachios befriends the old sea dog with talk of Sailing, strange food and comparative swordsmanship. Jask says that he does not yet trust Bhunabhaji, who has left alone to take care of the camps hunting duties.
  • Jask warns of Aerys’s disruptive influence on the group. Her frequent arguments with the other castaways and unreliability being a constant source of friction. The whole group have noticed her problem with alcoholism, and Jask suggests that if they were to help them with this then she would be much more productive. Jask suggests attempting to find a Viper Nettle plant, that lives near river banks in the expanse. He described the effects of its berries on disease and it’s use as a folk remedy for alcohol poisening. Kren confirms this with knowledge of a paper he’d read on Viper Nettle berry extract on promoting liver function.
  • And so the group sets off after Jask blesses them with a spell to ward off the heat. As they follow the river up a nearby incline they occassionally see glimpses of a monkey pointing at them with an accusatory finger and a malevolent grimace.
  • Just prior to midday them come accros Bhunabhaji as he fled from an angry boar sow. After locating the wallow of a small wild boar family, he had attempted to claim one of the piglets but was discovered by the mother. After saving him from the relentless creature, Bhunabhaji thanks them and carried the singed corpse back to the camp.
  • After spending a few more hours on the search, the group manages to locate a dense thicket of viper nettles. Remembering Jask’s warning of the poisonous thorns, Malachios begins hacking into the thicket with his sharpened greatsword. This pisses off the creatures asleep in the thicket and the group is attacked by two blue black kraits. Several of the group are scratched by the Viper nettle thorns during the sorte, causing painful red rashes on their exposed skin. Despite this, they are able to retrieve several handfuls of the berries.



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