Aerys Mavato

Half-Elf Fighter


Recovering Alcoholic






Jeneviere Survivors camp


Shackles Pirates



This severe looking half-elven woman boarded in Port Peril, where she immediately got into a scrape with Malachios after he propositioned her. Despite dressing in male clothing, it is obvous that the tight leathers and tricorn hat disguise a great beauty. During the voyage she spent most of her time in her bunk, seeming to purposefully avoid fraternizing with the ship’s other passengers. She has revealed that she has sailed under numerous pirate captains of the Shackles in the past, and that she was due to meet with her mentor, the pirate lady Kassata Lewyn, in Eledor. Despite having spent many years with the roughest of sea dogs, she prides herself on her appreciation of culture and only resorts to pirate slang when angry.

Since becoming marooned on the island she has kept largely to herself, spending most of her evenings in a bottle or on the edge of the camp’s activities in a dark mood. Despite her temper and obvious drinking problem, she took her share of the camp’s chores and watches. Although in one such instance this lead to her capture by the ghoul Dieter Czarny. On several occasions she helped herself to the group’s alcohol stash without permission, convincing Ishirou to help her when Kren started locking his chest. However since


  • As a shackles pirate, Aerys is an experianced sailor and heard many a rumour from the taverns in Port Peril.
  • As a veteran of the high sea’s she is an accompolished brawler and an excellent shot with her compound longbow. Despite her slight frame, her blows pack quite a punch.
  • Despite her standoffish demeanour, her elvish blood has bestowed her with a love and talent for poetry. She has committed many poems to memory and is in the final stages of finishing her own masterpiece.

Subquest: Kicking the Habit

After Jask labels her as the most disruptive of the Castaways, the group decided to intervene and help her with her Alcoholism. After searching the shiv, the group found a thicket of Viper Nettle berries. Rare fruit that boost liver function and are used in local remedies for curing the effects of alcohol abuse and hangovers. When later they return, the group beat Aerys in a game of Dice and have her relinquish the last of her stolen booze. She reveals to them that her life’s goal is to own her own ship, but that the other pirates she’s served with never take her seriously because of her beauty. After convincing her she has a serious problem, she accepted their help in overcoming her addiction in order to better pursue her goals.

Under Jask’s watch, she managed to endure the withdrawl symptoms with the help of several dosages of Viper Nettle berries. During her recovery, she finally obtained the inspiration to finish her epic: the Abendego Cantos. After earning her trust, the group was invited to hear the original recitation of her completed poem. This poem, and the story behind it, inspired the group to reach for their own goals.
Earning them the Achievment feat: Strength of Character.


Aerys Mavato

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