Alizandru Kovack

Captain of the Jeneviere



The Jeneviere, Ieana Ozarth (Lover)


A Chelish man whose family has made the Magnimar to Eleder run for generations, Captain Kovack was pleasant enough with his passengers, but a strict disciplinarian when dealing with his crew. Over the course of the journey, he became enamoured with the varisian scholar Ieana Ozarth. Over time he began neglecting his duties both as host and as captain of the ship, withdrawing to dine privately with Ieana each night.

The passengers of The Jeneviere noticed him clashing with his first mate as his subordinate picked up the slack caused by the captains distractions. The two butted heads several times over the course of the journey, a matter which was not helped by Alton’s dislike of Ieana. Prior to the crash Alton was absent from the final meal, as he went to question the Captain about a dangerous course change.

Smuggler’s Shiv

When exploring the wreck of The Jeneviere, the party came accross two suspicious bodies.
Altons body possessed wounds from a sword such as the cutlass that the captain carried. Implying that their last fateful argument came to blows. The mystery deepened when the group discovered the Captains log, which hinted that the Captain may not have been entirely in control of his actions.

During their exploration of the Shiv, the Survivors found the remains of the second lifeboat from The Jeneviere and found evidence that the Captain and Ieana survived. Their passage accross the island was witnessed by Zavileira, Aycenia and Kurwol.

Eventually they reached the Thrunefang camp where Kovacks was traded off to Malikkadna for access to the old Serpentfol temple. Abandoned with little left of himself, Kovacks succumbed to Ghoulification and became a loyal ‘son’ to the Thrunefang cult. During his unholy transformation, he left a final note written on a bloodstained and torn page from his old journal. It read:

I am Captain Alizandru
Kovack, betrayer of my crew
and destroyer of the good
ship Jenivere. Hell would be
a welcome escape from what
hideous unlife looms before me,
but it is no less a punishment
than I deserve. That I was
enslaved mind and body to a
serpentine demon who wore a
Varisian’s skin does not pardon
me. It is my weakness that
led the Jenivere, her crew, and
her passengers to their doom.
That Ieana has abandoned
me here is nothing more than
the fate I deserve. I do not
beg forgiveness, but I despair
that she lives still, and that
she seeks something dire on
this forsaken isle—she seemed
particularly interested in Red
Mountain. If you read this
and you be a kind soul, seek
out what I have become and
destroy me, and then seek out
Ieana and slay her as well.
And to those whose lives I
have helped destroy, I can only
apologize from this, my dark
cradle and darker grave.

Temple of Ydersius

During the castaways encounter with ‘Mother Thrunefangs’ cult, the Ghoul of Kovacks was amoungst those who kidnapped Malachios. He recognized the officers sword of Alton Devers as ‘an old pain’, distantly remembering the wounds inflicted by it during their confrontation weeks earlier.
He did not however recognize his former crewmember or passengers, and had to be put down by the group. He was the last of the Lacedons to fall to the Castaways in the temple of Ydersius itself.

Alizandru Kovack

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