Alton Devers

First Mate of the Jeneviere (Deceased)


The Jeneviere


The Jenivere’s first mate was friendly with both passengers and crew, making the effort to accomodate of the people under his watch with a friendly word or two. As the recent journey progressed and the captain became more withdrawn, it was Devers who took over the role of host for the passengers. Devers was competant leader who the crew respected for his human touch, as opposed to Captain Kovacks rigid approach to disipline. Despite this, Devers was loyal to his Captain and was equally baffled by the Captains associations with Iaena Ozarth.

In the days leading up to the shipwreck, Devers became noticeably busier as he picked up the slack left by his Captains Withdrawl from his duties and argued with him publically on occasion about descisions of course changes and routine. On the night of the shipwreck, Devers excused himself from the dining table to investigate the Captains lates orders to change course.

Smuggler’s Shiv

When the group investigated the wreck of the Jeneviere, they found Devers body locked in a storage room where he had apparently fled from a Sea Scorpion that had made its way on board. During his flight, he was struck several times by the creatures poisoned stinger before he could lock himself in the store room. A medical examination revealed that this poison was indeed the cause of death, however the body possessed another set of wounds from a large blade that were received prior to the swollen scorpion sting. This implies that Devers fought with someone wielding a sword prior to his demise. In addition, his boots were found to have wet sand on them, implying that he may have been the one to drag the unconsious passengers to safety.
His body sank with the remains of the Jeneviere.


Alton Devers

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