Avret Kinkarian

Ghost of the Brine Demon's Captain


Captain Kinkarian appears in undeath as a nearly skeletal form, his bare bones picked clean by the fish and crabs, yet he still wears his dripping coat and tricorn hat. One of his hands is a gleaming metal hook, and his whole insubstantial form constantly drips with cold, brackish seawater that glimmers with an unearthly green glow.

Deceased (Afterlife),

Shackles Pirates, Corrupt elements of the Sargavan Government


The party was tasked by Jask to find evidence of his innocence aboard the wreck of The Brine Demon, the ship of the notorious pirate captain Avret Kinkarian. Jask told them that he had uncovered evidence of dealings between several of his superiors in the Sargavan government and this pirate, using government funds to bribe Kinkarian to act as their own privateer. These individuals invested in certain trading companies and paid Kinkarian to ensure the failure of rival merchants endeavours.

In their exploration of the island, the group eventually came accross the wreck of the notorious ship. During their exploration of it they found Avret Kinkarians ledger which contained detailed records of correspondence between him and the men who framed Jask. Including dates of meetings whereby he was asked to sink the merchant vessels of The Golden Bow, The Scallywag and several others. In his log he repeatedly praises the effectiveness of the Shiv and the surrounding waters of Desperation Bay as a place for ambush.

The very first page of his leatherbound ledger had the message:
‘To Avret, Love Aeshamara.’
Aeshamara assumeably being the sweetheart in Blood cove he repeatedly refers to in his entries.
The final entries tell of a brewing storm and a restlessness amoungst the crew. Their latest quarry, the rumrunner ship called The Bloody Doll was renouned for skirting close to the northern shore of the isle to avoid patrols. Kinkarian’s last entry notes a strong feeling amoungst the crew that this time the captain was taking a great risk. Kinkarian refers to several crew members as sniveling cowards and writes how he planned to make example of them. What happened next is unknown but soon after the Brine Demon was wrecked on the Shiv’s eastern shore.

Confrontation with the Jeneviere Survivors

In death, Kinkaron did not find peace. He has spent the long years since his demise wandering the north-eastern shores of the Smuggler’s Shiv with increasing confusion and a bitter sense of melancholy. In his Haunting of the island he never strayed far from the waves, his powerful undead aura attracting the bioluminescent plankton indigenous to the waters of Desperation bay. Several times since being stranded on the island, Tavar thought he spied a humanoid figure of green light moving through the waters. Though the others chalked it up to the effects of fever at first, later encounters confirmed his existence. However, a later conversation with the aquatic scavenger Kurwol implied that Kinkarian is not the only ghost haunting the shore of the island.

Whilst exploring The Brine Demon, the group entered the captains cabin to find the evidence Jask required. Inside they found a one armed skeleton, reaching towards a locked chest in the corner of the room. After an unnerving encounter with the supernatural, the group fled the ship with it’s contents. Amoungst which was an enchanted dagger, several documents, the captains ledger and a gold locket contained a painting of a beautiful elven redhead. When Kren opened it, Jensen heard an angry voice cry out “Aeshamara!” Before their hasty flight from the wreck, Malachios stomped on the captains skeleton in an attempt to hurt the angry ghost. But this only served to enrage Kinkaron.

Later that night, Avret Kinkarian’s ghost tracked the group to their camp on a nearby cove. Rising up out of the waves it attacked them. Calling them ‘Traitors’, ‘Thieves’ and ‘Mutineers’. When Kren joined the fray, he singled him out in particular. Clawing at him with his spectral hook, the ghost demanded that Kren ‘Give it back!’ During the fight, the ghost began to burn with an ethereal blue flame that seemed to grow more intense with every step it took from the shore, with every slash from the captains old dagger and with every burst of positive energy.

Eventually driving the ghost away, the group examined the loot from the Brine Demon once more. Only to find the locket no longer opened, no matter what they tried. Unsure of what to do, they returned the locket to Kren’s Chest.

Half a week later Kinkarian’s ghost returned, this time at the head of a new crew made up of angry spirits animating their drowned bones. Kinkarian told the group that they were here to take back what was stolen from them, refering to the wrecks dotted around the island that the group had taken salvage from. In leading his assault he let his anger get the best of him and his ectoplasmic form was critically wounded by Malachios’s now magickally empowered blade. Refusing to accept his final release, the ghost reformed itself in the surf by absorbing the energies of his new crew mates.

Jask realized in time that it was the gold locket that the ghost sought, and Kren rushed to retrieve it from his chest. After opening it and presenting the picture of his lost love to the ghost, all anger left his spectral visage. The blue flames licking at his edges subsided as his form began similar to how he was in life. Having only wanted to see the face of his beloved one last time, but unable to open the locket in death, the ghost thanks Kren and calls the other ghosts in the water off their assault.

As he finally obtained some measure of peace, he requested that those present find some way of letting the families of those lost to the island be informed of their final resting place. By reporting the fate of all the vessels lost in these waters, the souls of the Shiv would finally be able to know peace. After obtaining the pledges of those present, Kinkarian faded away with a smile.


Avret Kinkarian

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