Boss Carcaro

Leader of a band of Sahuagan Raiders





Smuggler’s Shiv, Alma’s Ruin


Sahuagin Raiders


As the leader of a roving band of ‘shark men’. Carcaro came to the Shiv to set up a base of operations from which to launch attacks against merchant vessels. Being unfamiliar with the significance of the pirates graveyard to surface dwellers, he was surprised to find so much plunder to be had lying around underwater. Though he and his group have had to stake their claim on several sites, the extended conflicts with other scavengers like Kurwol, the Jeneviere castaways and the Thrunefangs has left him with less and less men. Causing him to rely on sending reef sharks out accross the island as scouts using his telepathic abilities.

Less bloodthirsty than his kin, Carcaro immediately saw the potential of a sunken ship as a fortress. After proclaiming shark lagoon his territory, he used the ships flooded holds to temporarily store food and treasure before transporting it back for his princes approval. He and his remaining men were holed up in sharks lagoon, waiting for reinforcements from the Sahuagin settlement in the Sunken fleet of Desperation bay when they were forced to confront the group of adventurers lead by Yaseen.

With his acute sense of smell, he detected the spilling of his kins blood and prepared himself to fight a worthy challenge. When the group came upon him in the air pocket in the rear hold he introduced himself and proclaimed them ‘chum’. Unlike his savage kin, Carcaro had spent his life learning the surface way of fighting. Favoring the spear to the traditional trident. When he came accross the powerful relic in the ships hold he immediately killed one of his underlings who disputed his claim to it. It whispered it’s name to him, ‘the blood spear’, a weapon that drank deep from both it’s foe and it’s user. Usually Carcaro was not prone to his races blood frenzy but with this weapon in his hands he felt a urge to kill that was pure red bliss.

During a prolonged fight with the group, the power drunk Sahuagin raider felled most of the group. Swatting them like flies. Oscar’s physical body was destroyed, Bhunabhaji was slain outright, while Yaseen was mortally wounded and Malachios rendered unconsious. Though the Sahuagin ripped through the group in a terrifying fury, he paid no heed to his own wounds which were mostly caused by the source of his great power. Finally Kren managed to land a lucky blow to the head, which distracted him long enough for Tavar’s summoned air elemental to suck the air from his lungs. Blood drunk and sated with violence, the boss of the sahuagin raiders relinquished his hold on his precious spear and fell into the depths of the unknowable…


Boss Carcaro

Chapter 1 - Souls for Smuggler's Shiv Oggron