Dieter Czarny

Undead denizen of the Shiv (Deceased)


Incinerated by Positive energy




Prior to the arrival of The Jeneviere Castaways, a man named Dieter Czarny was stranded on the island under unknown circumstances. At some point during his time on the island he became a Ghoul, possibly from feeding on the washed up corpses of drowned sailers. He drew a rough map of the north shore of the island on a scrap of paper that he found. On this map he noted the position of various roosts of ‘Cawroars’ and described their bites as nasty but their eggs as ‘tasty’. The reverse of this map was part of his attempt to count the days since being marooned on the island, however he ran out of paper long ago.

Whatever the circumstances of his arrival on the Shiv and his Ghoulification, Dieter set up a lair in the rotting hold of the Tattooed Lady. Using exposed nails to hang ‘maturing’ corpses on and its dank interior to avoid the daylight. During his time on the Shiv he salvaged remnants of high society such as engraved silverware, fancy crockery and evening finery. All of which seemed out of place in his rotting home. He dressed himself in the rags of once fine clothes and spoke with a cultured but high pitched voice.

Confrontation the Castaways:

During the first night on the Shiv, Dieter saw the light of the survivors campfire whilst he was looking for food in the fresh wreckage. Driven mad with loneliness from years of isolation, Dieter snuck into the camp and abducted the drunken Half-Elf Aerys Mavato by paralyzing her with his profane touch. After dragging her along the beach in the dead of night, he set the now unconsious Mavato up at his table and began talking to her like a host of a diner party. The wretched creature was preparing a grotesque meal for his ‘Guest’ when the party arrived, having tracked him accross the shore during the night. During the ensuing confrontation, Dieter was incenerated by positive energy channelled by Jensen Daimond.


Dieter Czarny

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