Water Mephit. Self styled Captain of the Salty Seagull


Crazed extraplanar creature likely bound to the Salty Strumpet by a Stormmage in years gone by. His so called ‘crew’ consisted of a rapt and attentive swarm of crabs, several barnicles and the odd sea urchin. Upon dealing with the unruly and uncooperative stowaway ‘Spiny bob’, Ekubus granted the castaways use of his prized ‘self-tying rope’. Which he never saw the point of, given that he had seamen to do that sort of thing.

Mad tho he was, he also bore first hand witness to the workings of the Tidal stone and the passing of Iaena into the great gates of the Zuran temple. Being one of the few friendly denizens of the Shiv, he warned them of the passing of their foe and the time until the Tidestones magic gave out.



Chapter 1 - Souls for Smuggler's Shiv Oggron