Human Rogue








Last known: Jeneviere Survivors camp


None Declared


A scruffy human of Tian heritage, Ishirou boarded at Bloodcove and was on his way to the colony of Sargava in search of a last job to retire on. During his time on the ship, he was aloof but not rude with his fellow passengers. He shared with the group his many stories of his life on the high seas, tales of journeys to exotic locations ranging from Tian Xe to the steaming ocean.

After washing up on shore, he immediately pitched by taking regular night watch duty and helping to beachcomb for useful supplies. Prior to moving the camp, he had found one of his priced possessions: a waterproof scroll case full of old charts and maps. One of the maps, he donated to the group exploring the island was an old damaged map of the Smuggler’s Shiv. Though when questioned about how he had obtained such a map, his elusiveness lead to a confrontation with several of the castaways after they insulted his honor.

A few days later, Malachios won him round by talking sea and swordsmanship: forming a friendship. And he once again began involving himself with the group activities. While the main party were off exploring, he spent his time mapping and measuring the shore. Obtaining the geographic information he needed to navigate and map out the island more accurately. Of the castaways: Ishirou disliked Gelik the most for his spoilt attitude and admired Aerys for their shared love of the open ocean. Those that made the effort to befriend him and not insult him with over familiarity or infered slights against his honor, were treated to lengthy discussion on the skills one needed to be a good sailor. Eventually becoming trusted as one of the two of the most reliable castaways, Ishirou eventually invited Yaseen’s clique to partake in a business oppertunity.

Subquest: Treasure Hunt

After revealing that he had the missing pieces of the map on him all along. Ishirou told the story of how he had fallen afoul of his previous employer, and added several of their maps to his collection as ‘severance pay’. One of which belonged to the Shackles pirate Lortch Quellig, who was one of the few men to ever escape the Shiv. The map had with it a series of instructions that the paranoid old sailor memorized then burned long ago, which allowed him to negotiate a 40 : 60 split with Yaseen and his allies Malachios, Tavar and Kren for the treasure.
After a two days of travelling, searching and digging: the group eventually found the treasure and secured Ishirou’s continuing friendship by acting with honor in sharing out the loot by the terms of their accord. Ishirou got a bag of Jewels and a few hundred dubloons as his share, being more than he would need to live out the last of his days in a quiet fishing village away from the rush of civilisation.


  • After spending most of his life aboard ships, Ishirou was a veteran sailor. The ol’ sea dog was a dab hand at knots and telling wind direction with a licked finger. Having worked his way up from deckhand to navigator on many journeys, his experiance on a ship are a valuable resource.
  • His lifelong hobby was for Cartography: the study, collection and drawing of maps. Having spending years pouring over old sea charts, Ishirou picked up all the tricks of the trade until he was able to produce detailed maps of his own.
  • Despite coming from a culture that prizes honour, his time living amoungst scoundrels has taught him many skills priced by the unsavoury types of his former captains. Given incentive he can pick most locks, talk his way out of bad situations and slip away into the night. However, his age means that his fingers aren’t as deft as they once were. Nor is his sense for danger.
  • His treasured possesion, a heirloom Katana made of the finest steel, is one that has been with him his whole life. With it, he is a skilled swordsman. Having a lifetimes worth of experiance with dueling on the high seas. He favours a self-taught variety of Iaido (the art of the quick draw), in which he fights using his sheathed sword to deflect his enemies weapons until an oppertunity presents itself.


On the fourteenth day, Ishirou has on watch when the thrunefangs raided the camp of the Jeneviere Castaways. He slew several whilst protecting his companions, giving Gelik and Sasha the chance to escape during the melee. But alas, the old sea dog met his end at the hands of the Thrunefangs leader: a red haired giant of a man. Tho he was swift and skilled, Ishrou found his swordplay to be no match for the sheer ferocity of his enemies scimitar. After taking a fatal blow to the neck, Ishirou fell to his knees. His last sight being the triumphant cry of the blood frenzied savage. Unlike the the fallen thrunefangs, the surviving savages chose to bring Ishirou’s body with them. Perhaps as some twisted victory offering or as food for their pets.



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