Jask Derindi

Human Cleric of Nethys.






Jeneviere Survivors camp


Castaways (loyal), Sargavan government (formerly)



Jask is a middle-aged, plain-looking Garundi man with hair starting to gray and watery eyes. Jask is curious and eager, especially when presented with new knowledge, and honest to a fault.

He came aboard The Jeneviere as a prisoner of Jensen Daimond, who had been hired to return the man to Sargava to stand trial. During the journey only Jensen and the ships officers spoke to him, which has led many of the other castaways to distrust him. Despite his feelings towards his circumstances, Jask was always curteous and sincere in the few conversations he had with his wardens. But despite his apparent trustworthiness, his hands remained bound the entire trip due to his skill with magick.

When he became marooned on the Island, he was granted a reprieve from returning to Sargava. This, combined with the fact that he survived the wreck, has made him giddy with relief and consequently eager to use his magickal talents once again. His lack of human contact on the journey has left him eager to talk with his fellow castawsys. Whilest on the island he has contribute to the group with his magickal skills, local knowledge and rudimentary hunting skills. In particular he has bonded with Sasha Neva as he quickly recognized the young womans restless nature and helped steer it towards finding food for the survivors.

After believing in his innocence and then delving into a haunted ship to help find him the proof he needed to clear his name. Jask has become loyal to his fellow castaways, particularly Jensen Daimond. In his eyes, he owes this group a great debt. One that he intends to repay in any way he can in the future.


  • Jask is a Cleric of Nethys, the god of magic. He has displayed the ability the conjure and purify water, heal wounds and channel positive energy.
  • Jask made his living as a scholar during his exile in Corentyn, and possesses a great deal of knowledge about the geopolitical history of the Mwangi expanse.
  • As a native to the region, he has demonstrated practiced hunting and foraging skills learned from his youth.
  • Despite all that has happened, Jask remains pleasant and steadfast. The secret of his psychological balance is a system of meditation that he practises each morning during his prayers to Nethys.
  • Jask has displayed skill as a mediator. Able to motivate the disparate personalities in the group for the good of all. He regularly contributes to group discussions, where his wisdom and charisma are stabilising factors to the groups dynamic.

Subquest: Proof of Innocence

Since Jensen freed him and gave him the benefit of the doubt, Jask has returned the trust by telling the group of the crimes he stands accused off.

Jask was once employed by the Sargavan government as a mid level clerk. But when he uncovered evidence of corruption involving illicit deals with the Free Captains of the Shackles, Jask confronted his superior, only to be betrayed and framed for the same crimes. Faced with imprisonment, Jask fled all the way to Corentyn, where he lived a modest life as a scribe for a decade. He’d thought his enemies in Sargava had forgotten him, when a bounty hunter caught up with him and put him in irons. The Sargavan agent handed Jask over to a Courier (Jensen) and chartered two cabins on the next ship heading to Eleder, which just happened to be The Jeneviere

On the third day Jask remembered that his corrupts superior’s had a contact in the Shackles named Avret Kinkarian. As Fate would have it: Kinkarian’s ship reputedly wrecked here on Smuggler’s Shiv many years ago. Realizing that it was a lot to ask, Jask requested that if the party ever located such a wreck could they help him find any proof to back up his claims of innocence.

On the 7th day, the party explored the haunted wreck of The Brine Demon and retrieved the proof Jask needed from Avret Kinkarians ledgers. In gratitude he taught the group the Jatemban Chant (Achievement Feat), a powerful mantra for reciting whilst spellcasting that helps to focus the mind.


Jask Derindi

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