Locathah Scavenger



Wreck of The Scallywag, Smuggler’s Shiv

None declared

Merchant Records:

  • Traded Darkwood ship replica of the jeneviere for Potion of barkskin
  • Traded Message in a bottle for Dust of Shield and a vial of inviseable ink
  • Traded sample jars of mwangi specimens for scroll of remove disease

The castaways first encountered this strange scavenger on their seventh day on the island. Whilst the group and the fish man were initially wary of each other. They were able to move past their distances and trade salvage and information about the island. The good natured locathah pointed them to several wrecks he is yet to explore for various reasons. He warned them of the sahuagan, the ‘green men’ and a hostile group of surface dwellers that live on the island. The Jeneviere castaways continue to visit the lone Locathah to trade with him.

A rare sight in tropical waters, Locathah typically keep to reefs and island chains further north. Kurwol claims not to have been frequenting the island long, but he is alone save for his pet: ‘Snapper’. Who just so happens to be a giant Moray eel. The two have taken up residence in The Scallywag, a former merchant vessel who’s submerged hold serves as excellent storage space for the stuff he retieves from the sunbmerged wrecks surrounding the Shiv.

Lacking the technology to produce glassware, Locathah are fascinated by bottles and anything in them. Kurwol is a collector of paper messages, strange liquids and unusual objects preserved in sealed bottles.



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