Mildy Insane




Paranoid but hopeful


Castaways, Formerly Red Mantis Guild.


Ships mascot aboard the The Crow’s Tooth, Pezock was amoung the survivors of the a group of Mediogalti crewmen transporting Red mantis operatives that marooned on the shiv.
Shortly after their arrival, their camp was attacked by a group of ‘white devils’. There was a battle, but the survivers was overwhelmed. Those that didn’t die, were captured and taken away.

Pezock was clever. Pezock escaped. Pezock make new home in big shell. Pezack make it move like other crab things. Scare away white devils. Scare away beasties.

Pezock find food: fishies, fruits, ratties. Pezock make home. Pezock protect home with traps.
Hide things that are precious. Take what Pezock can find and carry. Build. Improve. Survive.

Pezock doesn’t know for how long…

Pezock befriend the Cawroars and the ghosties. But they no good to talk to. Pezock miss his friends. Miss his crew. Want to explore. Find others. But the White Devils are everywhere.
If they don’t get Pezock, the green men on silent island will. Or the Shark men in the Lagoon.
Or the demon wings in the night.

One day Pezock sees two travellers pass through old camp into jungle. Man and a woman.
Pezock hides like always. Better to hide than be found.

Then five more people come, they found Pezock. They not scared away like White Devils and Beasties. They say they are…friends? Pezock not trust at first, Pezock sent them away.
No sleep for Pezock that night. So lonely. Pezock things of task. See if they be trusted.

Pezock bring breakfast. Answer questions. Give them test.
They go to Ship, not kill any Cawroars. They borrow Pezocks looking glass and return it to Pezock when done with it. Tho grumpy Blackman not come back. Pezock not ask why. Pezock polite. Still new people return. This make Pezock happy. When they say they return to their camp.
Pezock follow. Pezock join new crew. Pezock gain…new Friends?

Pezock like Friend Tavar and Oscar, he friends with lots of strange things that are new.
Pezock like Friend Kren, he good at making things go boom and burn and freeze.
Pezock like Friend Jensen (or is it Yaseen, Pezock unsure), still he always know what to do.
Pezock like Malachios, he good with sword like Pezock. But Pezock’s is better.

Pezock go with new friends, to (Pezocks new home?) friends camp.
White Devils been here. This make Pezock mad. They ruin everything!
We find Friends of new friends (that make that Pezocks friends?).
Save them White Devils. Should probly not call them White Devils.
New friends white and brown and black. Colour is poor identifier.
So Pezock call White Devils what white devils call themselves. Thrunefangs.

Yes, Pezock fight Thrunefangs with new friends. Rescue new friends. Pledge to help rescue friends of friends and new friends (Pezock confused, not good with taldane syntax).

We go to Thrunefang base. Fight in big battle. Pezock big help. Jensen tells me so.
Save who we save, but not save everyone. Still Captain and crew avenged.
Thrunefangs dead and gone! Pezock so happy! But now they talk of leaving island.
Pezock not sure what to do with life. Rejoin Insect Ladies? Stay with new friends?

Pezock like friend Sasha, she much better than other insect ladies (tho she say she is no insect lady…). Not hurt Pezock as much. Pezock thankful…

Pezock like friend Gelik, he have lots of things to say. Pezock things he must run out soon. Yet he keeps going. Like river.

Pezock like friend Jask, he very kind and polite. Other New friends like Jask the most too. But Pezock not like to play favourates.

Pezock like friend Aerys, she want to be a captain and sail away. Pezock say he no trust the sea no more. She suggests riverboat. Pezock not been on riverboat. Sound fun.

Pezock like friend Apollo, he like Pezock. Has a few tricks up his sleeve.

New friends go wander round island, explore place without Pezock. Pezock not sad (maybe a little), for he has big important project! Jask and Jensen say ‘Pezock fix lighthouse.
Pezock save friends’. So Pezock think long and hard, then get to work.
Much to do. Much to do. Then we all go home! Wherever that may be.


Chapter 1 - Souls for Smuggler's Shiv ctgk20000