Undead monkey familiar


One of the Castaways rare recurring antagonists.
After the annihilation of it’s troup by the castaways, his humiliating capture and horrific treatment (kept in Malachios’s bag and half drowned). When Thaltaki escaped, he sought vengeance against the castaways. He would follow the
and point accusingly at them, earning the nickname ‘the evil monkey’.
After spreading the tale of his troups decimation to the other monkeys of the shiv, thaltaki was able to gather an angry mob of simians to lead against the transgressors. But this army shattered against the castaways might and was scattered to the jungle. Thaltaki, now mortally wounded from being impaled by a horn, could only watch on in horror as his enemies hammered his friends corpses to the trees in warning.

Swearing unholy vengeance upon the demon lord Angrazani’s infernal name. Thaltaki then sought out the aide of one of the Shivs most dangerous denizens, the Dire Ape that was once known as Biggles. When told of his little brothers tragedy, the enraged primate agreed to stalk these trespassors and the two eventually fought the group only to be defeated once more. His corpse nailed to a tree, the desperate thaltaki pledged his soul to Angrazani if only he would send forces to smite these castaways. His soul cast into the Abyss, the monkeys body became reanimated by the Demon lord of Apes fury and power. This undead creature watched with glee as the Thrunefangs attacked the castaways camp, following them back to their camp. Here he was taken as a familiar by the witch Malikkadna, his body used as a medium to whisper dark secrets to the fell caster. During the Battle for the Shiv, it was Thaltaki who raised the alarm after sensed team B’s attempted infiltration. In the ensuing melĂ©e, Thaltaki fought valiantly against the servant of one of his enemies: the Eidolon Oscar. Able to outmaneuver and ignore the damage of the larger creature, he fought it to a standstill until it’s allies stepped in. When the wretched thing was finally put down, his mistress let out a scream of loss.

However, only the empty shell of this angry simian was destroyed. The Demon lord of apes may yet have plans for this wrathful soul. It is possible that he and his enemies will meet once more, in another life…


Chapter 1 - Souls for Smuggler's Shiv Oggron