Psychotic Harpy






A Harpy which made it’s roost in the remaining wreckage of The Bearded Harpy of the coast of the island. Zavileira was fond of luring humanoids investigating the abandoned camp nearby to their dooms with her captivating voice. This particular harpy was of the tropical variety, with brightly coloured feathers long ago stained by gore and filth. Like all Harpies she hoarded shiny things, and had quite the collection of loot in her nest.

During the confrontation with the castaways, she hypnotized all but Tavar to approach her roost through the Shiv’s violent oncoming tide. Most eventually snapped out of it, but she was able to capture Bhunabhaji and Tavar’s Eidolon. When no more prey came to her of her their own volition, she became aggrivated and flew at the group to attack them. The party drove her off with a volley of thrown weapons and crossbow bolts. After retreating back to her nest to recover, Malachios approached through the waves after drinking an elixer of swimming. With a summoned eagle serving as a distraction, Malachios was able to land a powerful blow that fellow the bitch.



Chapter 1 - Souls for Smuggler's Shiv Oggron