Island Cook Book

Every chef's guide to desert Island cuisine


Here you will find every recipe you need for those beautiful desert island night, garunteed to delight any palette and ensure survival in luxury!



  • Fruit tree salad (Vegetarian option)
  • Hunter Urchin Sushi (ever wanted to eat tongue and anus at the same time, now you can)
  • Biscuit a la Weevil (rich in protein)
  • Crab sticks (largest portion size in desperation bay)
  • Viper nettle berries (good for your liver, clinically proven)
  • Terillo soup (warning, may contain Oil of Taggitt)

Main Mourse

  • Salted ‘meat’ ration (While stocks last)
  • ‘Bush meat’ stew (house specialty)
  • Capricorn salad (it’s tastier without blood, or your money back)
  • Cliff Chicken massala (Don’t tell Sasha)
  • Jungle Rat burger (childrens meal portion, suitable for halflings)
  • Wart-Hogroast (curtesy of our resident hunter)
  • Shiv Thermadore (It’s not poisened, honest!)
  • Island Catch of the day (May contain Octopus, Shark, Garundi Roughie, Silverfin or Locathah)
  • ‘Long Pig’ ribs (Note: this item has been removed due to complaints of Ghoulification)
  • Snake Kebab (two sizes available: medium and large)
  • Shiv Dragon Steak (Does not contain actual dragon)


  • Cinchona sticks (rich in Quinone)


  • Aged Rot gut (For those with an Iron stomach)
  • Taldorian firebrandy (Famous vintage)
  • Chellish ‘blood’ wine (disclaimer: only a 12.5% chance of it containing actual blood)
  • Smuggler’s Rum (Pirates choice!)
  • Coconut Milk (head protection not provided)
  • Water (Magickally Purified for your safety)

Island Cook Book

Chapter 1 - Souls for Smuggler's Shiv Dragonhost