Loot Chest


Large Oak chest (Break dc 29) with built in lock (Disable Device dc 20). 6 cubic feet of storage space. Can hold Up to 100 lbs.



  • 3108 GP in assorted coinage

Valuable Items

  • Small chest of Diamonds
    mined from the Bandu Hills
    Valued at ~250gp
  • Large Ruby, x2
    used to denote eyes in a large snake sculpture
    Valued at 200Gp total
  • Azlanti Bronze Pendant (1/2 lb)
    Identified as a religious artifact of Azlanti origin.
    Valued at ~50gp
  • Silverware + Ornate Plates (4 lb)
    Adorned with the heraldry of The Golden Bow
    Valued at ~50gp
  • Blood Stone x4
    Bag of smooth black stones with scarlet coloured imperfections
    Valued at ~50gp each
  • Golden Pendant
    Contains a picture of a pretty red haired Elf, recovered from The Brine Demon.
    Valued at ~100gp
  • Precious metal rings x4 
    Valued at ~20gp in total
  • Pearl necklace
    Made up of 7 pearls around a vine chord. Centre pearl is a ’Blood Pearl worth 100gp.
    Valued at ~220gp
  • Uncut amethyst
    Valued at ~80gp
  • Assorted Jewelry
    Valued at ~150gp
  • Crate “medicinal Supplies”,
    from Bhunabhaji’s ship ‘Red Wake’
    contain smuggled narcotics – flay leaf
    Valued at ~500gp


  • Mithril Hook
    The missing hook of Avret Kinkarions corpse. Ingraved with the phrase:
    “Take what you can. Give nothing back.” made in Tian Xe…
    Valued ~750gp
  • Ornate silver dagger
    used for sacrifices by ghouls, of masterwork quality
    Valued ~400gp
  • Ishirou’s Katana
    a masterwork katana of Tian Xe origin
    Value ~310gp
  • Officers Sword x2
    A set of two Mastercrafted Longswords that belonged to first mate Alton Devers and Captain Kovacks. Made of the finest Korvosan Steel.
    Valued at ~250gp
  • Ornate Shield
    Heavy Steel shield. Antique regalia from the Chellish expeditionary force.
    Valued at ~400gp (290 on open market)
  • Heavy Wooded Shield, masterwork
    carved with demonic face
    Valued at ~150gp
  • Scorpion Whip 
    Barbed whip designed to cause pain. Rusted edges.
    Valued at ~153gp
  • Ornate Starknife
    Masterfully crafted and encrusted with jewels. Favored weapon of a Desnan travelling priest. Crafted from ‘Cold Iron’. – Claimed by JASK
    Valued at ~480gp
  • Tarnished Bronze Mace 
    Ornately sculpted Heavy Mace of Azlanti origin. It hasn’t weathered the years well.
    Valued at ~70GP
  • Zavileira’s Spear
    Masterfully crafted spear taken from the Shiv’s resident Harpy. Adorned with colourful feathers. – Claimed by MALACHIOS
    Valued at ~225gp
  • Curved dagger
    Mastercrafted dagged of unusual design. Handle is adorned with two crossed red mantis forelegs, the symbol of the Red Mantis clan.
    Valued at 225gp

Plot Items:

  • Flying Snake Skin
    The skin of a Sail Snake, an animal thought to be extinct
    Valued at ~25gp
  • Mold encrusted Ledger
    Recovered from the Nightvoice. It details the ships fate.
  • Symbol of Desna
    Found whilst tracking the captured castaways. This is the Religious symbol belonging to Jask Derindi. It comprimes of a Butterfly broach with a silver clasp.
  • Belikar’s Journal
    Recovered from the abandoned shack, this item tells the call of the Thrunes fang. The self imposed exile of it’s captain. And the degeneration of it’s crew into cannibal savages.

Yarzoth’s Notes
Recovered from the Temple of Zura. Translates and documents the both ruins on the island and comprises of weeks of study. Written in the Aklo dialect ‘Ophidian’ and transcribed into a cipher with archaic phrasing. Yet to be translated but believed to hold important information.

Magickal Items

  • Aycenia’s Favour
    Carved from Dryad wood, this boomerang is etched with symbols of leaves dancing in the wind.
    Functions as +1 Returning Boomerang
    Gifted to KREN
    Valued at ~8500gp
  • Scimitar +1
    Belonged to Klorak, hilt is bonded with wrapping dyed with blood of enemies
    Valued as ~2010gp
  • +1 Buckler 
    Enchanted shield made from lacquered Darkwood. Posseses Kyonin craftsman mark.
    Claimed by YASEEN
    Valued at 1200gp
  • +1 Dagger
    Ornate dagger with an enchanted blade. Emits a faint blue glow. Belonged to Avret Kinkarian.
    Claimed by KREN
    Valued at ~1725gp
  • The Blood Spear
    (+1 Vicious Spear)
    Lore states that this was taken from the hand of a Mauxi warband leader during Sargava’s inception. It was due to be brought to the Grand Lodges museum in Absalom nearly fourty years ago, but the ship of the relic hunter who found it was lost to the waters of desperation bay.
    The spears haft is engraved with a complex set of grooves that draw out and pool the blood of the user into a hollow resevoir near the spear tip. When in use this tip glows a hungry red.
    Valued at ~6,200gp, may fetch more at auction

+1 Corrosive Dagger
Wavy double edged combat blade inlaid with rubies and a handle carved into the head of a snake.
Weapon of choice for Serpentfolk Mage-caste (Yuan-Ti). Recovered from Yarzoth
Valued at ~6260gp

Efficient Quiver
Recovered from the Nest of the Red mountain devil
Valued at 1800gp

Enchanted arrows:
+1 arrow x7 280gp each
+2 arrow x2 320gp each
Aberration Slaying arrowx1 2282gp

  • Ioun Torch
    A trusty pathfinder item, engineered as a cheap substitute to wayfinders. This everlasting torch hovers helpfully around whomever claims it master. It’s green flame emits no heat or sound. – Claimed by KREN
    Valued at 75gp
  • Wand of Mirror Image (4 charges)
    This wooden wand ends in three small ‘claws’ that hold small lengths of reflective glass surrounding a glowing prism. – Claimed by TAVAR
    Valued at 360gp
  • Remove Disease Scroll
    One of Kurwols most prized items. The sealed bottle was enchanted to preserve the item inside: a scroll of Remove Disease written long ago.
    Valued at ~300gp
  • Ring of Climbing
    Gold band indented with amber carved in the shape of a spider. Whomever wears it gets +5 to climb. – Claimed by Malachios
    Valued at 1500gp
  • Watertight scroll case
    Contains a complex Divine spell written in the Azlanti language. The spell stored has yet to be identified, may be a raise dead scroll.
  • Scroll of Restoration
  • Unknown Scroll
  • Ring of Protection +1
    (Deflection Bonus)
    This ring has a faint Abjuration aura, aiding the protection of the wearer
    Claimed by MALACHIOS
  • Ring of Protection +1
    (Deflection Bonus)
    This ring has a faint Abjuration aura, aiding the protection of the wearer
  • Incense of Meditation
    Used by high priests to focus their minds and spellcasting abilities.
    valued at 4900gp
  • Candle of Truth
    Invaluable tool of Inquisitors used to root out traitors
    valued at 2500gp
  • Card of the Peryton
    1/34 from a deck of Illusions. Brings the mythical Garundi creature to life

Cloak of Resistance +1
Woven with Varisian artistic needles, this blue cloak belonged to Iaena Ozarth.
*valued at 1000gp

Scabbard of Bladestealth
Favored item of Assassins, used to hide weapons in plain sight with illusion magic.
*valued at 5000gp

  • Rope of Climbing
    Favored item of Pathfinders everywhere. Animated Hemp rope that helps climbers reach their goal.
    Given to the group by Captain Ekubus for dealing with ‘Spiny Bob’
    valued at 2250gp
  • Ring of Cannibalism
    Cursed with a hungry aura, this ring is apparently carved from human bone
    Mis-identified as a “Ring of Sustenance”, cannot be removed from Kren


  • 5x Cure Light Wounds
    cures 1D8+1 hp

Cask of Rage
Heavy clay cask with warrior iconography. Enough for 2x doses and induces a Barbarian-like rage for 5 rounds (+2 STR/CON, +1 will, -2 ac)
Valued at 750gp

Alchemical Items
All claimed by KREN

  • 500gp worth Alchemical feed stock
  • Unguent of Revivication
    Tar black in colour this liquid is stored in a perfume bottle.
    Used by vain undead to stave off decay.
    Valued at 300gp
  • Medusa Spider Venom x1 Dose
    Injection – save Fort DC 14; frequency 1/round for 4 rounds
    Effect: Muscle paralytic = 1d2 Strength damage; cure 1 save.
  • Sea Scorpian Venom x1 Dose
    Injection -save Fort DC 12; frequency 1/round for 4 rounds
    Effect: Severe inflammation = 1d2 Dexterity damage; cure 1 save.
  • Vial of Invisible Ink
    Low quality. Writing made visable by heat.
    Valued at 25gp
  • Box of Tinderwigs 2/6
    Small wooden sticks containing an alchemical tip that lights up with a small flame when rubbed against a rough surface. Typically used to start fires without bush lore or spellcasting ability.
    Valued at 1gp each
  • Smoke stick x2
    recovered from Thrunefang Witch, coloured pink these would make good signal flares
  • Anti-toxin, 3 vials
    +5 vs poison (Fort. sav.) or re-roll previous failed save
    recoverd from deceased companion Bhuna-Bhaji and Thrunefang Witch
  • Tanglefoot bags x3
    riot control, recovered from Thrunefang Witch stash

Previously used for Kren’s luggage. It is now used as the ’PC’s Lockbox’ on the island, storing the items they wish to keep safe. Kren holds the only key.

Loot Chest

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