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Pharasma is the goddess of birth and prophecy: from the moment a creature is born, she sees what its ultimate fate will be, but reserves final judgement until that soul finally stands before her. She tracks a mortals actions in life, to best determine where their souls belong in death.

This chart moniters the actions of a player character, and their resulting change in philosophy.
Bear in mind that sufficient changes in alignment can deny you access to divine spells, make you vulnerable to magickal effects, impede attempts to befriend npc’s, exclude you from joining certain organizations and prevent the use of aligned artifacts.

When reading the chart remember:

-Positive on the Vertical Axis = Good
-Negative on the Vertical Axis = Evil
-Positive on the Horizontal Axis = Lawful
-Negative on the Horizontal Axis = Chaotic
-The Center point 0,0 indicates absolute neutrality

Here are some general guidelines on actions that will change your aligment:

Lawful: Acts of honor, discipline, or loyalty.
Good: Acts of benevolence, mercy, or compassion.
Evil: Acts of selfishness, maliciousness, or cruelty.
Chaotic: Acts of liberty, flexibility, or autonomy.

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Yaseen: LG >> NG
As a result of balancing his newfound sorcerous powers and the attitudes of his new friends with that of his Faith. This balance has to given him the perspective he will need as a theurge.

Tavar: CG
Has displayed neither love of society nor cruelty. Continues to vote in accordance with the moral heartline but with increasing self interest.

Kren: CN
Despite a few altruistic actions, he continues to motivated solely by his curiosity, love of destruction and lust for adventure.

Malachios: CN
Has grown increasingly reckless and angry. Descending into barbarism even when it came to fighting. Increased disposition towards violence and vandalism.

Apollo: LN
Doesn’t care about good or evil, as long as he profits from current events. As willing to donate money and he is to steal it if it suits his own ends. Has his own personal and malleable code of business.

Web of Pharasma

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