Chapter 1 - Souls for Smuggler's Shiv

A Fateful Voyage

Journey to Sargava

The Jeneviere embarked on the Magnimar-Eleder trade route on the 5th day of Calustril, AR 4711. It has spent 104 days at sea and 71 days in ports accross the continents of Garund and Avistan.

Whilst in port the ships captain,Alizandru Kovack, found himself one crewman short and took on a young sword for hire by the name of Malachios Valeros. Whilst in port, the first of the ships cabins was booked by a Varisian scholar by the name of Ieana, with whom the Captain became immediately smitten. The second passenger booked passage on the very day the ship was to set sail, buying passage with a handful of trinkets. This second passenger was a pompous and talkative halfling called Gelik Aberwhinge, whose endless supply of humorous anecdotes kept the dinner conversation lively. At least for the first few weeks.

By the time the Jenevire reached Pezzack, the captain had withdrawn from dining with both of his passengers. Instead he took his meals alone with the reserved Iana, much to the gossip of the crew. In Pezzack they were joined by the eccentric Kren Croford, a young Alchemist seeking to collect samples from the uncharted regions of the Mwangi expanse. Finding himself with someone new to talk to, Gelik began recounting his tales to the new passenger. First Mate Alton Devers took to entertaining the ships passengers at this point, who soon started inviting Malachios to dine with the group just so he had someone a bit more grounded to talk to.

At their next port, they took on another passenger and his special cargo. When the fugitive Jask Derindi was caught in Corentyn, the Sargavan government chartered a spot on the next trade ship to return him to Eleder for trial. The bounty hunter organisation that found him contracted a mysterious wanderer by the name of Jensen Daimond to escort the prisoner, in order to have a fellow spellcaster watch Jask for any tricks he might pull. After confining the prisoner to a free cabin and taking the key to his mannacles into his possession, Captain Kovacks entrusted the care of the prisoner to Alton Devers and his escort. Despite his predicament Jask was always courteous to his captors, seeming to derive great pleasure from conversation with two well travelled gentlemen.

In the weeks that followed, rumours spread rapidly through the tight quarters, some of them rather unlikely.. There were concerned mutterings amoung the crew about the captains attention being distracted by the pretty scholar, speculation that they she was his lover or even the ships secret patron. But when the whinging and gossiping subsided, speculation of the nature of Jask’s crimes were all the rage. Most of these rumours could be traced back to Gelik or the ships cook, Rombar Terillo, who enjoyed a good gossip despite his stoic demeanour.

By the time the Jeneviere reached Mediogalti Island, the passengers were eager for some time on shore. But to their siapointment they did not stay long on the famous tropical island, staying only to trade for supplies and pick up another passenger. Sasha Nevah kept to herself at first, but the other passengers could sense a sadness in her. This melancholy soon passed and made way for a sunny and hyperactive disposition that took many of the group off guard.

At this point the journey reached its most treacherous leg: the passage through the eye of Abenengo. The difficulties of sailing through a permanent hurricane of unparalleled size meant the first mate and Captain were too busy to entertain the guests at this stage of the journey. Not that any were in the mood for conversation during that period, conditions in the eye were rough on those unused to such voyages and most resigned themselves to their cabins.

The trip through the eye was so taxing on the passengers and crew, that they stopped a week in the shackles port of Ollo to allow repairs to be made and to give the passengers time to recover. When they left Ollo the ship replaced the flag of Magnimar with that of Eleder, ensuring that the many pirate ships of the shackles did nothing but shadow them throughout the waters of the hurricane king. The Jeneviere made stops at several ports along the west coast of the Mwangi expanse, and the passengers began to adapt to the change in temperature and humidity.

In Port Peril, they picked up an attractive but bad mouthed half-elf called Aerys Mavado. In Bloodcove, they took on an old Tianese swordsman by the name of Ishirou. In the days since these two have proven to be the most isolationist and standoffish of the passengers, with both only leaving their rooms for meals and contributing little in the way of table conversation.

The last of the passengers, a man named Tavar, boarded in Senghor on the northern tip of desperation bay. Malachios, Kren and Jensen seemed to take a liking to the fellow and enjoyed his stories of growing up in this part of the world over diner.

On the night before the crash, there was animated talk amoungst the crew regarding new orders and a course change. The passengers last memory before waking up on the shores of the Shiv was of a meal of watery soup, where both the captain and the first mate were absent.

Ports of Call

Port of Embarkation:
Magnimar, Varisia (Gelik, Ieana, Malchios)

2 days in Port:
Kintargo, Cheliax

3 days in Port:
Pezzack, Cheliax (Kren)

7 days in Port:
Corentyn, Cheliax (Jask, Jensen)

2 days in Port:
Ilizmagorti, Mediogalti Island (Sasha)

7 days in Port:
Ollo, The Shackles

2 days in Port:
Quent, The Shackles

3 days in Port:
Port Peril, The Shackles (Aerys)

2 days in Port:
Bloodcove, Mwangi Expanse (Ishirou)

3 days in Port:
Senghor, Mwangi Expanse (Tavor)

Days at Sea: 71
Total Journey: 104

Session 1

1st of Erastus, AR 4711

The following took place between 8am to 3pm, Day 1 on the Island.

  • The group awakened to find themselves an unfamiliar shore and no memory of how they got there.
    As the incoming tide reached them, they see the dead bodies and pieces of wreckage being tossed about in the surf. Taking advantage of the wreck were a large number of Sea Scorpions, who the group was forced to fend off before getting to safety further up the beach.
  • After getting their bearings, the survivors spot the wreck of The Jeneviere, it’s remains wedged at an angle between the rocks and the cliff face. They find markings on the beach which suggest that they were dragged away from the surf by someone during the night.
  • Kren identifies the bitter after taste of a high dosage of Oil of Taggit, suggesting that the passengers were drugged.
  • Jask requests to be freed from his mannacles in light of their situation, revealing that he is a cleric of Nethys and can supply the camp with water. He claims to be innocent of the charges layed against him.
  • After determining that they should retrieve what they can from the ship before it smashed to pieces. A group consisting of Malachios, Jensen, Tavor and Kren volunteered to go on a salvage mission.
  • After making their way along the rocky shoreline, the group scaled the nearby cliff face and climbs down onto The Jeneviere. Most of the prow had been lost in the wreck, the lower decks collapsed and/or flooded.
  • One of the ships lifeboats had been smashed against the sides of the ship, the other is missing. From the top of the cliff face, the group spots another wreck off in the distance and a lot of large sea birds in the Western sky.
  • As the group descends into the darkened ship, they are assaulted by a scarlet coloured sea scorpion that is larger and more aggressive than its smaller kin.
  • Inside the larder, the group finds the body of the chef Rombar Terillo. Jensen identifies him to have died from the poison of the bite of a large snake.
  • The scrapes along the supply room door and the trail of blood leading under it indicate that the creature was trying to get at whatever had locked himself inside. After picking the lock, Kren opened the door to reveal the corpse of the first mate.
  • The rooms of the four volunteers are at the stern of the upper deck, allowing them to retrieve their belongings and luggage. The other survivors are not so lucky.
  • In the Captains cabin the group finds the keys to Jask’s mannacles and his personal effects.
  • By rummaging through his desk they find a collection of maps and sea charts and the Captains ledger. Unable to pick the lock, Malachios pries open the bottom drawer with a crowbar.
  • By the time the group has finished searching the ship it is midday and the tide has gone out again, taking the sea scorpions with it. Carrying their salvage back takes a lot out of the group in the midday summer heat. Tavor faints despite having lived in the expanse his whole life, though all except Malachios fare little better.
  • Jensen decides to free Jask and returns his belongings. Jask is so grateful for this that he pledges to provide the group with food and water. The others give him a wide berth.
  • To make up for an argument they had on the ship, Malachios gifts Aerys the Captains brandy to replace her lost stash. She begrudgingly accepts this gift and starts swiggin it neat.
  • Once they finish dragging the salvage onto shore, they spend the afternoon recovering in the shade. During this time the group consults the charts and the Captains ledger. They determine that they were two days out from Eleder and deduce from their last known position that the only place they could have crashed on is the notorious ships grave yard: the Smuggler’s Shiv. One of the charts possesses a rough sketch of the island but it lacks detail, and without landmarks you are unable to identify which shore of the island you are on.
Session 2
Missing Castaway

1st-2nd Day of Erastus, AR 4711

The following took place between 3pm on the 1st day
and 6am on the 2nd day

  • The group spends the rest of evening building a shelter. Kren grants the use of his tent to the Ladies, for which they are grateful. Meanwhile, the potions they retrieved from the captains desk are identified.
  • Eager to do something useful, Sasha and Jask gather firewood while Jensen coordinates the others into making a rough shelter out of the canvas strips and driftwood. Gelik proves to have ‘expert’ opinions on every subject matter which helps very little.
  • The survivors share a subdued meal of cooked sea scorpion, which only Malachios enjoys. The group tries to keep each others spirits up with tales of other times they’ve been in desperate situations and survived.
  • A watch is decided for the night. Aerys and Jensen volunteer to take shifts, and when seeing the Half-elf pitching in so too does Ishirou.
  • Over the course of the evening, the wreck of The Jeneviere is dislodged the cliff face and smashed against the rocks. It remains are scattered by the incoming tide.
  • Sometime after midnight, Ishirou wakes Jensen and tells him that Aerys is missing. A quick search reveals barefoot human footprints and drag marks heading towards the shore. Ishirou volunteers to stay and guard the camp while Jensen gathers a Posse to find out who or what has taken the woman.
  • Due to the low tide, and the freshness of the tracks, the group are able to follow the trail of the kidnapper along the cove and around to the east.
  • As they follow the trail along the shoreline; the tide begins to slowly come back in, bringing with it a gang of sea scorpions. Kren extracts the venom from one of the larger specimens, but is stung in the process.
  • Dawn breaks as the trail ends near series of rock pools leading to a raised rock shelf: on which rests the wreck of the ship they spied earlier from the cliff face. It is old and badly damaged, with only the rear hold completely intact. The worn engraving on the hull reads: the Tattooed lady. Malachios discovers a piece of torn black leather and remembers this was the type of clothing worn by Aerys.
  • As they approach, they hear the an eerie voice making high society table conversation in the manner of a host. The possessor of the voice is so preoccupied with entertaining his ‘guest’ that he doesn’t notice the parties approach.
  • The Half-elf’s kidnapper is a ghoul dressed in rags that could once have been finery. Aerys had been paralysed by the ghoul’s touch and was sat at table set with cutlery and fine china. In the gloom, several carcasses could be seen hanging from makeshift hooks on the walls.
  • The Ghoul, attacks the party crashers but is scorched to a cinder by positive energy channeled by Jensen. After rescuing the Half-elf, Tavor has Oscar carry her until she shakes off the ghouls paralysis. Malachios collapses the abominations home in revenge.
Session 3
Welcome to the jungle

2nd of Erastus,

The following took place between 7am and 10pm, on the second day.

  • Finding their way back to camp proved to be impractical for the group, as the morning tide effectively blocked their path along the northern shore. Instead, they made their way back along the cliff face, trying to backtrack above the shoreline.
  • After reaching a ravine, the group decided to find a way around and enter the jungle. Shortly after they stumble upon a clearing and startle a flock of the ‘fanged birds’ they saw earlier. The brightly coloured flying lizards and they attack the party to try and drive them away from their prize, two rat carcasses.
  • The group gets turned around in trying to make their way back to the north cliffs, to the west and south they sea many more of these ‘fanged birds’ overhead.
  • As they stumble through the thick undergrowth, the adventurers almost walked right into the web of a giant arachnid. The creature descends and bites Malachios with it’s paralytic venom before Oscar could kill it. Kren remembers that the larger female of this species releases pheromones to attract a mate, they realize that the spiders pheromone sack ruptured during the fight.
  • While they get their bearings, the scent attracts the attention of every male Medusa spider within half a mile and swarms of them descend on the party. After fighting them off, Tavor un-summons Oscar as he was coated in the spider ichor. This seemed to prevent the pheromones being an issue.
  • Eventually Tavor leads the group back to camp, only to find Ishirou and Gelik bickering, and Jask and Sasha missing. The argument is regarding Gelik helping himself to the groups rations, and the normally reserved Ishirou is angry at Gelik’s selfishness.
  • The party yells at Gelik and he spends the rest of the day sulking. Aerys retires to her tent after eating and rides out the midday heat in the ‘Girls’ tent. When pressed about the location of the others, Ishirou merely shrugs and says they went to look for food. Whilst the group waits out the midday heat to pass: Malachios gathers firewood, Tavor scrubs down Oscar, Kren examines the Sea scorption venom and Jensen keeps watch.
  • In the afternoon, the group sets out to do some exploring and to check that Jask hasn’t fled. They follow his and Sasha’s tracks a little way into a grove of fruit trees, but lose their way shortly afterwards. They head due north to the shore line to catch their bearings.
  • From a perch high on a cliff ledge they see another old wreck, this one an Orcish longboat, marooned on some large rocks near shore. Resolving to check it out at next tide, the party heads back to camp.
  • Along the way the group spots a strange flying snake that had been watching them. Upon discovery it blinds several of them with a spray of acrid venom and swoops down to attack the group. They kill the tricky creature and bring its corpse back to camp for study.
  • Upon returning to the camp, they find Jask and Sasha have also returned. Bringing with them a packpack of fruit and two large grey rats. The group eats well that night whilst making plans for the next day. Jask opens up to the group and tells them more about himself and the crimes he was framed for (see Subquest: Proof of Innocence).
  • The night was undisturbed save for the occasional argumentative mutterings of sea scorpions fighting over juicy bits of flotsam. Just before dawn it rains for half an hour, causing the fire to dim. Not everyone sleeps peacefully; Jensen and Tavor have nightmares about the night of the wreck and several of the Castaways are bitten in the night by Mosquito’s.
Session 4
Exploring the Shiv

3rd of Erastus,

The following took place between 7am and 4-30pm on the third day.

  • Upon waking they find that several of the group are suffering from a slight fever which they identify as the early symptoms of Black Blood Fever. With Jask off hunting and Ishirou off beachcombing, the party decided to attempt to salvage what they can from the other wrecks on the island.
  • The group sets off towards a grove of fruit trees that Jask mentioned. Intending to gear up on food supplies for the day. They stumble accross a troup of Capuchin Monkeys who are startled and fling poop at the interlopers. The group…overreacts…
    Malachios captures the Thaltaki in his rucksack and they stock up on bushmeat.
  • When they reach the Northern Cliff face and get a better look at the wreck they spied the previous day, they realize that the wrecks location makes it accessable only at low tide. Which at this time of year is at noon and midnight. So for now they resolve to explore farther from camp.
  • As they travel through the jungle they tried to keep within hearing distance of the ocean but lose their way. After finding themselves heading uphill, they send Malachios climbing up a large tree to spot any landmarks. He sees a flock of Fang birds to the north, the torn sails and mast of another wreck to the east and what appears to be another cove to the south east. After resting through the midday heat the group resolves to investigate this second wreck first before heading back to the first wreck.
  • After an hour trekking through the jungle, it became apparent that they were being stalked by a large predator. After a tough battle with this ‘Shiv dragon’, the group feels a surge exhileration at surviving such long odds. When the adrenaline runs out however, they pause to catch their breath…
Session 5
The ships graveyard

3rd – 4th of Erastus,

The following took place between 4:30pm on the third day, and 2:00 on the fourth day

  • The group explores The Golden Bow on the north eastern shoreline, then headed back to settle in on the coast near the other wreck at nightfall. They have a small meal and catch a few hours sleep whilst they waited for the tide to go out.
  • Kren runs out of vermin repellant. Due to their exposure to the elements during the night, all of the group is bitten by the islands bug population, contracting Black blood fever. The group begins to feel lethargic and feverish. It is during this time that Tavar sees the swirling patterns of green light in the surrounding waters coalesce in a ghostly human shape Ghost, but the others chalk this up to feverish hallucinations.
  • Shortly before midnight, the group ventured out towards the wreck on the northern rocks. As they travelled they used liberal amounts of light from spells and lanterns to avoid the rockpools in which Sea Scorpions were hiding. Kren took a sample of the green glowing water and identified the glow as resulting from bioluminescent algae that is indigenous to Desperation bay.
  • When they reached the wreck of the longboat, they could not read its name as it was in Orcish. When they ventured inside they found it haunted Ghostby the spirits of the slaves that were still chained to the oars. One malevolent spirit whipped the others into a frightened frenzy, causing them to re-animate their bones and attack. After listening to the spirits cries for freedom, Tavar led the group in freeing the bound souls from their harsh taskmaster.
  • Whilst exploring the flooded section of the ships rear, Jensen fell through a hole that lead into the ships hold. There in the murky darkness, Jensen was met by the claws of a hungry sea scorpion when Kren illuminated the hold with a sunrod. The aquatic vermin had set up its lair near the Orc’s plunder from years gone by, and the group recovered what they could from the submerged hold.
  • With little to show for it, the group pushed on through the night and returned to camp in the early hours of the morning. Ishirou, who was on watch upon their return, questioned them eagerly about any landmarks they may have encountered. Seeming cheerier than his usual stoic and withdrawn self.
Session 6
First Exodus

4th of Erastus

The following took place between 9:30am and 10pm on the fourth day.

  • Upon awakening, the Castaways find that nearly half of their members have begun to suffer from Black Blood Fever. With no fresh water supploes in the vicinity and food getting scarcer every day. Jask calls for a meeting of the castaways to discuss how to survive.
  • Jask and Sasha, the groups main hunters, report on the depletion of natural resources on this tip of the island and suggest moving the camp further inland in search of game and freshwater. Gelik and Aerys are resistant to the idea, as they feel that staying near a visable coastline maximises their chance of survival. After reporting on a sheltered cove he spied the previous day, Malachios suggests that they move the camp there. Many of the castaways seem resistant to the idea, but it is eventually agreed upon via vote.
  • Jask and Kren identify the disease that is plaguing most of the camp. They suggest numerous ways of which to reduce the chance of getting infected and Kren uses the last of his alchemical ingredients to brew two Antiplague vials. As a halfling with no prior exposure, Gelik is the worst hit by the disease. The group donates their only Remove Disease potion, to save his life.
  • After missing much of the proceedings, Ishirou arrives carrying a waterproof scroll case containing various charts and maps. He found his missing case whilst beachcombing and draws out a damaged scap of paper from it’s depth. It turns out to be a roughly drawn map of the island with the parts showing much of the north east torn away. When he is questioned about how how he obtained the map and why he hadn’t mentionned it before, Ishirou takes this as an insult to his honor and becomes standoffish and unfriendly to anyone who talks to him.
  • When discussing how best to escape the island: Ishirou and Aerys shoot down Sasha’s idea of building a raft and Geliks thought of fixing up a wreck. Though these ideas remain possible means of escape. Jask mentions that he had read a book once that detailed the early Chellish Colonisation efforts on the island. As he recalled, the book said that the Chellish settlers intended to build a lighthouse on the island but that it was never completed. Jask suggests that if they found this abandoned lighthouse, they may be able to use it to signal for help.
  • After an early meal, the group packs up all they can carry from their campsite and sets off to find a better location after the midday heat has subsided. Along the way they find a Cinchona tree, whose bark they strip and chew on for its medicinal effect on the Black Blood Fever.
  • Whilst stumbling through the undergrowth, they come accross what at first appears to be another survivor of the Jeneviere. But the crewman that Malachios recognizes turn out to be a corpse, clumsily animated by a plantlike creature. Unnerved by this creature, Malachios puts his old crew mate out of his misery.
  • Due to a combination of their late start, heavy burdens and illnesses. Not much headway is made that day, and the exhausted group comes to rest on the cliffs overlooking the wreck they explored the previous day.
  • Smitten with the exciteable redhead, Malachios convinces his weary allies to aid Sasha in getting her a pet Fang bird. After finding a nearby roost, the group is attacked by a flock of these creature who seek to defend their nests. One of the Rhamphorynchus is larger than the others and feircely defends it’s territory, giving them trouble, but the creatures are eventually driven off or killed. Then, after a near death experiance with a rope, Malachios managed to obtain an egg for Sasha from one of the cliff nests.
Session 7
Other survivors

5th of Erastus

The following took place between 1:30am and 8pm on the fifth day.

  • Somewhat resentful of being dragged along with his schemes, the castaways nominate Malchios to take watch on their return. The exhausted fighter fails to notice the approach of several Plant zombies, who were seeking the potential hosts who killed their scout. They ambush the group in the night, causing panic as the strange undead fall upon the sleeping castaways. During the fight one of the larger ones hatches a large yellow flowered plant from its chest, but Kren put it down with an explosive bomb.
  • Tired and wary, the castaways break camp and continue on their journey. Making poor headway again due to a lack of sleep and illness. Over the course of the day several of the castaways begin to recover from the fever plaguing them with the help of Kren’s antiplague vials and the Cinchona bark. Others are not so lucky, and they are forced to use some of the groups restoration potions to keep moving. Tavar and Kren are the worst affected, with the later hallucinating yellow flowers growing from the faces of his allies.
  • Sometime in the early evening, they find the cliffs overlooking the sheltered cove that Malachios spotted. Unfortunately they also see indications of a tropical storm approaching from the north, and make all haste to the cove to use the shelter of the cliffs.
  • When they finally reached the cove, they come accross a band of Sahuagan scavenging from the wave battered remains of one of The Jeneviere’s lifeboats. Though they attempted to reason with the Sahuagan, a communication breakdown (via Kren’s ‘present’) led to a pitched battle with the enraged shark men. The overconfident Malachios rushed in and was swiftly defeating by the creatures, leaving the rest of the group to fight them off with numbers and tactics.
  • When searching the cove as they set up shop, they find signs that the good captain and his consort may have survived. With little time to consider what they have found they struggle to set up their shelters before the storm hits. Wiping away the remains of old tracks with torrential rain and feirce waves.
Session 8
New allies, new enemies

6th of Erastus

The Following took place between 10am and 8pm on the sixth day.

  • Having survived the storm, the castaways set about fixing up their camp and cooking themselves a breakfast. Seeing the smoke, a Garundi man by the name of Bhunabhaji Dansak finds their camp and approaches Malachios when he is gathering firewood. Though many of the castaways are wary of the newcomer, they are willing to hear him out.
  • He explains that he was shipwrecked almost a month ago, on the western shore of the island. He claims to have been looking for other survivors during his exploration of the region he calls ‘crab cove’ but the group sense that he is not being wholly forthcoming with his tale. However the group decides to give him the benefit of the doubt and allows him to lead them to a nearby fresh water source.
  • During their expedition they travel along a riverbed and Tavar is attacked by a boa constrictor. Not to be outdone by the newcomers Boomerangs, Malachios throws his great sword and split the large snake in two.
  • After returning to camp to wait out the days heat. Bhunabhaji tells the group some of the details of his time on the island and the fate of his ship, The Red wake. When asked if there were other survivors, he shook his head remained silent on the subject.
  • Later in the afternoon, Bhunabhaji leads the group to a nearby cove to the south where he had found a wreck the day before. The secluded cove emitted a quiet malevolence that put the ranger off exploring it on his alone.
  • Most of the wreck was too rotten to explore, but the group manage to find the remains of the captains cabin. Inside they found a one armed skeleton reaching towards a locked chest, which contained a number of ledgers that once belonged to Avret Kinkarian. They also found a few other personal items of the late captain, and as Kren picked up and examined each in turn…Jensen heard a hoarse voice cry out ‘Aeshamara!’ from a golden locket was examined.
  • Unnerved and unable to communicate what he can heard to his allies, Jensen began babbling in Celestial. Similarly superstitios, Bhunabhaji requested that they leave before they angered the spirits. Ignoring his companions, Kren opened the locket and examined the picture of a pretty red haired Half-elf. Again, Jensen heard a voice cry out ‘Aeshamara’ and after casting detect undead he felt the presence of a powerful spirit in the room with them.
  • When the oppressive aura of cold malevolence touched began to unnerve the group. Malachios smashed the captains skeleton in a panic and the group fled the wreck despite Krens protestations. Upon leaving the ship they found the sun setting, an occurence that was at odds with their perception of time they had spent on the ship. What had felt like less than an hour had in fact been several.
  • Irritated by his companions lack of nerve, Kren proceeded to use his armaments to demolish the wreck. Attempting to leave nothing for the angry spirit to hold on to. In fact this only served to enrage the Ghost haunting the nearby waters, who followed them back to their camp.
Session 9
Search for a cure

6th of Erastus

The following took place between the hours of 1:35am and 4pm.

  • During the night, the camp is attacked by the angry Ghost of Avret Kinkarian. The powerful spirit went after Malachios and Kren in particular, passing through steel and sand like it was water to attack these ‘thieves’. Resistant to Jensens positive energy channeling, the oracle resorting to using the captains own magickal dagger against him to drive him off. When later they were asked what the ghost meant by ‘give it back’, the group took out the golden locket but found that they could no longer prize it open.
  • Upon reading Avret Kinkarian’s journal, they gift Jask with proof of his innocence. Jask vows that this act of friendship, he will repay his debt to the group many times over. Jask took possession of this evidence to study it.
  • Upon consulting with Jask on how best to motivate the camp. Jask suggests putting Gelik to work identifying and valuing the groups salvage, as a way of keeping the easily frightened halflings mind off their predicament. Unsure of how to proceed with Ishirou due to his isolationist stance; the matter is taken out of their hands when Malachios befriends the old sea dog with talk of Sailing, strange food and comparative swordsmanship. Jask says that he does not yet trust Bhunabhaji, who has left alone to take care of the camps hunting duties.
  • Jask warns of Aerys’s disruptive influence on the group. Her frequent arguments with the other castaways and unreliability being a constant source of friction. The whole group have noticed her problem with alcoholism, and Jask suggests that if they were to help them with this then she would be much more productive. Jask suggests attempting to find a Viper Nettle plant, that lives near river banks in the expanse. He described the effects of its berries on disease and it’s use as a folk remedy for alcohol poisening. Kren confirms this with knowledge of a paper he’d read on Viper Nettle berry extract on promoting liver function.
  • And so the group sets off after Jask blesses them with a spell to ward off the heat. As they follow the river up a nearby incline they occassionally see glimpses of a monkey pointing at them with an accusatory finger and a malevolent grimace.
  • Just prior to midday them come accros Bhunabhaji as he fled from an angry boar sow. After locating the wallow of a small wild boar family, he had attempted to claim one of the piglets but was discovered by the mother. After saving him from the relentless creature, Bhunabhaji thanks them and carried the singed corpse back to the camp.
  • After spending a few more hours on the search, the group manages to locate a dense thicket of viper nettles. Remembering Jask’s warning of the poisonous thorns, Malachios begins hacking into the thicket with his sharpened greatsword. This pisses off the creatures asleep in the thicket and the group is attacked by two blue black kraits. Several of the group are scratched by the Viper nettle thorns during the sorte, causing painful red rashes on their exposed skin. Despite this, they are able to retrieve several handfuls of the berries.

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