Captain Quellig's Treasure

The instructions on Ishirou’s map for locating this site said:

  • On the North East coast of the shiv, above the Pincer inlet leading into the heart.
  • Be wary, for here there be dragons
  • There is a hill where there grows no trees save one.
  • From here at dawn you will see the point where the light draws a line between the farthest teeth and the the only tree. On the greenest patch of earth, you will find my treasure.

The reason for this, is that the Dwarven architect that Lortch Quellig kipnapped to build his treasure pit was killed and buried in the loose earth atop it. Leaving plenty of Nitrate rich compounds and accomodating topsoil for plants to grow.

The creatures guarding the treasure were once crewmen, betrayed and buried alive. Left to starve to death, wherein they gave in and ate one of their companions. The influence of the Zura-Car, cursed them to become Lacedons or ‘Aquatic Ghouls’ as the pit collected rain water over time.

This location is based on the real world ‘Money pit’ of legend.

Captain Quellig's Treasure

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