Castaways Campsite

Camp Locations

Day 1-4: Cove near wreckage of The Jeneviere

Day 5: Clearing near North-Eastern clifface overlooking Tears of Grog

Day 6-present: Cove where the second lifeboat was found.
Located near a source of fresh water.


Aerys Mavato, Bhunabhaji Dansak, Gelik Aberwhinge, Ishirou, Jask Derindi, Jensen Daimond, Kren Croford, Malachios Valeros, Sasha Neva, Tavar


Grappling Hook x2, Rope Hemp (150 ft), Block ‘n’ Tackle, Bullseye Lantern x2, Building Tools, Shovels x5


Rations x32 (Each ration feeds 1 person for 1 day),
Oil Flasks x9,
Cinchona bark x50 (enough for 10 people for 5 days)
Viper Nettle Berry bundles x10


Bone Dagger, Trident x2

Camp directions

  • Kren’s Tent
    Large waterproof canvas tent with inbuilt mosquito net. Donated to the girls.
  • Castaways shacks
    Built of driftwood and whatever else they could find, positioned around the campfire.
  • Campfire
    Provides warmth, cooks food and wards off predators and insects.
  • Loot Chest
    Party lockbox which contains the groups valuables.
  • Krens Portable Alchemist’s Laboratory.
    Alchemical Feedstock: 0 cp worth of raw ingredients
    Vial of Anti-Toxin x1
    Recipe’s: Antiplague = 5 portions of Cinchona bark + 1 portion of Viper Nettle berries.

Castaways Campsite

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