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Chapter 1: Souls for Smuggler’s Shiv

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On the Trail of Captain Kovacks
We are not alone
Soul’s of the Shiv

Island Locations

Castaways Campsite, abandoned lighthouse,
Temple of Ydersius, Temple of Zura, The Tidestone,
Captain Quellig’s Treasure, Pezock’s Crab, Silent Island,
Aycenia’s Hill, Red Mountain, Belikar’s Shack

Sargava Locations

Eledor, Smuggler’s Shiv, Port Freedom, Crowns End,
Kalabuto, Freehold, Fort Bandu, Stark Point,
Darkreach, Lake of Vanished Armies,


The Jeneviere, The Tattooed Lady, The Golden Bow, Tears of Grog,
The Bloody Doll, The Brine Demon, The Red wake, The Scallywag,
The Windwar, The Bearded Harpy, The Crow’s Tooth, The Nightvoice,
Alma’s Ruin,Thrune’s Fang, The Windreaper, The Bloodletter,
The Salty Strumpet

(17/20 found)

Volar’s Lash, The Scarred Maiden, The Crimson Angel

Shiv inhabitants


Animal – Mammalia:

Jungle Rat, Wild Boar, Capuchin Monkey, Feral Goat, Gigantopithicus, Bat – Various species

Animal – Reptilia:

Shiv Dragon, Fang Bird, Boa Constrictor, Blue Black Krait, Sail Snake

Animal – Aquatic

Black tip Reef Shark, Green Octopus, Giant Moray Eel


Medusa Spider, Mosquito

Vermin – Aquatic

Sea Scorpions, Giant Urchin, Giant Crab

Monstrous Humanoid

Harpy, Sahuagan, Locathah, Tengu, Serpentfolk


Yellow musk Creeper, Vegepygmy, Violet Fungus


Slime Mold


Skeleton, Ghoul, Ghost, Festrog


  • Survivors of the Jenevire
    The PC’s are a part of this group + NPC’s: Gelik, Aerys, Sasha, Jask. They have changed camp several times, most recently setting up shop around the abandoned lighthouse.
  • Ieana & Kovacks
    Alizandru Kovacks (Former Captain of The Jeneviere), Ieana Ozarth (His supposed lover)
    Kovacks has since been found and defeated, his mind lost. Notes he left imply that the creature posing as Ieana is not human and has a vested interest in the secrets of the Shiv.
  • Thrunefangs
    Aggressive group of ‘white devils’. Demon worshiping descendants of the crew of the Thrune’s Fang, a Chellaxian warship from the days of Sargava’s secession from chellish rule. Their descendants have long since degerated to cannibalism and worse, and have periodically hunted down and eaten the islands other inhabitants for other 40 years. After an attack on the castaways camp, the group tracked them back to the groups settlement and fought them to free their companions. This faction is believed to be eliminated as of the 20th days events which will later be known as ‘The Battle for the Shiv’. But it is possible that some remnant may remain.
  • ‘The Shark men’
    Band of raiders looking to set up shop on the island. Exterminated on the 15th day.

Other Notable Inhabitants

Aycenia (The Islands nature spirit)

The Abomination (Rotlord of Cyth-V’sug)

Captain Kinkarian (Ghost of a Notorious Pirate)

Kurwol (Eccentric Scavenger)

Pezock (Mad Survivor of the Crow’s Tooth)

Boss Carcaro (Leader of Sahuagan raiders)

Klorak the Red (Thrunefang Chieftain)

Malikkadna (Thrunefang Soothsayer)

Thaltaki (The Evil Monkey)

Nyalithati (Mother Thrunefang)

Ekubus (Captain of the Salty Strumpet)

Zuracabra (Red mountain Devil)

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