The Tattooed Lady

One of the Wrecks found on the Smuggler’s Shiv, only the rear hold was intact. The Tatooed lady was once a Varisian merchant vessel out of Magnimar, that disapeared some eighty years ago.

The Ghoul Dieter Czarny used the rotting remains of the ship to as lair. Hanging ‘maturing’ corpses on embedded nails and jutting splinters. After the confrontation on Day 2 with The Jeneviere Castaways, Malachios Valeros collapsed the hold to prevent other creatures from using it as a lair.

On the first day, Kren retrieved a Message in a Bottle. The message inside read:

“I pray that this message reaches civilisation. For when I die all record of my fate is contained within this bottle. I am the last one now. The others have either died of fever or disapeared in the night. I have been forced to use my companions for fuel on the signal fire, for nothing stays buried for long on this island. It has been over a month since we crashed here and there is no sign that anyone has even seen our signal. If this message becomes my obituary, then I plead to whomever finds this to deliver news of our fate to our families.
May Aroden have mercy on our souls…

Jaggard Kanin, first mate of The Tattooed Lady"

The Tattooed Lady

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