Yellow musk Creeper

Pathfinder Chronicle entry

Yellow creeper zombie

Shiv Ecology:

Common to the expanse, Yellow creepers reproduce by luring humanoid hosts to their central mass and using their creeper vines to insert buds into a creatures skull. From there the clone of the original plant animates the corpse of the new host and uses it to carry out tasks for the central growth until it becomes a sproutling. At this stage the husk of the humanoid creature is little more than a casing animated by the jouvenile yellow creeper within. After finding a place close to civilisation, the sproutling discards it’s old form and starts the cycle anew. Easily recognizeable by the yellow flowers prodruding from eyesockets and mouths, plant zombi’s are feared by locals who know that fire is the most effective weapon against them.

Yellow musk Creeper

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