On the Trail of Captain Kovacks

Captains Log

An examination of this log reveals that The Jeneviere’s Captain seemed to be suffering from some sort of madness that grew over the course of the ship’s final voyage. Earlier entries from previous voyages are precise in recording progress and events along the way, as are entries from the first wo-thirds of this last trip. Yet as one reads further, the more recent the entries get, the less common they become. In some cases, several days are completely missing entries. What entries do appear are strangely short, focusing more and more on one of the passengers: the Varisian scholar Ieana, with whom the captain seems to have become obsessed. Several entries are nothing more than poorly written love poems to Ieana, while others bemoan Captain Kovack’s inability to please her or catch her attention. Near the end, the entries begin to take on a more ominous tone with the captain starting to complain that other members of the crew are eyeing “his Ieana.” In particular, he suspects his first mate is in love with her, and writes several times about how he wishes Alton would just “have an accident.”

The final entry is perhaps the most disturbing, for in it the captain writes of how he’s changed course for Smuggler’s Shiv at Ieana’s request. He hopes that the two of them can make a home on the remote island, but also notes that the crew are growing increasingly
agitated at the ship’s new course. The captain muses that “something may need to be done about the crew” if their suspicions get any worse.

Other Survivors

When the survivor’s of The Jeneviere moved their campsite to a nearby cove they found the remnants of a quickly rigged shelter and evidence of a small campfire sitting well above the high-tide line of the narrow beach. Smashed against the rocks was the remains of the second of the Jenevieres Life boats, in which they found an elixer of swimming.

The scavengers that beat them to the site had already found the Captains Tricorn hat and an examination of the makeshift campsite unveiled several discarded scarf’s of varisian origin. One of the party found a trail heading inland that showed two sets of tracks, although due to the weather conditions and it’s age they were unable to follow it in the darkness. The storm that night washed away the remains of the trail, but for now it can be assumed that both their traitorous former captain and his supposed lover are alive somewhere on the island.

During their meeting with Pezock, he asked if they were with the others. When asked who he meant, he described two people matching Ieana and Kovacks descriptions. He told the group that he saw them making their way along crab cove over a week ago and that the woman seemed to be the one calling the shots.

On the Trail of Captain Kovacks

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